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Sailboat vacation at its finest: skippered sailing holidays in San Blas, Panama

Let us take you Sailing San Blas, just relax and let the skipper take overall responsibility of the sailing charter. You feel like going for a sailing holiday but didn’t think you had the experience? Then a skippered charter in San Blas is the holiday for you. you will have the freedom to do exactly what you want, whether it be swimming, snorkeling, exploring the islands around and Kuna culture or simply having a siesta in the shade. This option is especially popular with families with family vacations and friends get together. HOW DOES A SKIPPERED YACHT CHARTER OR CREWED YACHT CHARTER WORK? Book a Skippered yacht charter or a crewed yacht charter and you will not only have the reassura

Paradise wont be sold to foreigners: San Blas land prohibitions

Restrictions on land sales to foreigners make it impossible for non kuna indians to buy or lease any of the land within the autonomous region of Kuna Yala and San Blas Islands. All the islands in Kuna Yala are owned by kuna indians and some islands are even owned by various families, property borders are often marked with signs on the numerous coconut trees that grow freely. We have seen small islands owned by a couple of families, these families often rotate their members every 3 or four months, their main income is derived from harvesting coconuts and beach use tax for visitors. Access to the beaches in San Blas are often taxed with a couple of USD per person, this type of charges are com

Las Perlas or San Blas sailing vacations: accommodation in Panama

When considering Panama as your holiday destination, you will find mainly two options for booking your stay, San Blas in the Caribbean side and on the Pacific side you can explore Contadora island and Las Perlas Archipelago. These two options are part of main areas for your vacations in Panama, all are tropical so be prepared for warm temperatures and ocasional rain, also be prepared for Panama City, the city has has a tremendous growth in population in the past years and traffic at times can be chaotic. Contadora Islas, Las perlas resort Contadora Island tours run directly from the main port of Panama City and many of the excursions can be booked directly next to the port offices, remember,

San Blas trips from Panama city: Sailboat rentals in San Blas Archipelago Panama

Exquisite anchorages await you in and around Cayos Limon ( Lemon Cays), Cayos Holandeses (Dutch Cays), Cayos Chichime and Cayos Coco Bandero. Our catamarans are also equipped with snorkeling equipment, so no need to bring yours, the Caribbean sea life in this part of San Blas is absolutely amazing, with coral fish everywhere. Stay alert because from passage between islands you might be able to spot small groups of dolphins, specially during the tuna season, when the winds die off, May- November. Due to its shallow, calm and pristine waters, dolphins make it here mostly to feed on the abundant small tuna, also for nursing their babies. Remember that San Blas is out of the hurricane zone and t

Bvi crewed catamaran charter or San Blas crewed catamaran charter, you choose

The first thing to consider when deciding you catamaran charter in the Caribbean, is how do you want your vacation to be. There are many differences between catamaran sailing charters or any other catamaran charter destination in the Caribbean and our San Blas catamaran charters. Do you want action or just relaxation in uncrowded anchorages and islands, you want to feel nature at its finest or you want the ability to go down to the bar and interact with other tourists or even party? When choosing a wild destination such as San Blas, you are choosing untouched nature and a opportunity of learning about the interesting Kuna culture, for the most part inhabited islands and huge coral reefs. Our

San Blas Panama sailing, all year round destination: no hurricane zone

One important issue when planning where to vacation in the Caribbean or specifically an all inclusive vacations in the summer months must be ensuring that your destination is well out of the hurricane zone. No destination is without at least one drawback, and in the case of the Caribbean, this drawback is hurricane season. Typically running from June 1 to November 30, the Atlantic Hurricane Season has been known to put quite a damper on many vacationers and cruisers on the Caribbean islands. On the other hand, the unpredictability of the hurricane season also means there are great deals on travel to the Caribbean during these months since even the best all inclusive resorts and top rated car

San Blas sailing trips from Panama City

Many of our guest to our catamarans in San Blas are coming from the USA, this is mainly because low airplane fares to Panama City and relatively low flying hours which is also very importan, Paradise is closer than you think. If you want to fly to Panama City from the USA and you live in Florida, you could find round trips for as low as $250, other states are also reasonably priced so please check your online flight booker. If you are coming from Europe or South America you will find many direct flights to Panama City. Once in Panama city we will take care of the rest, just let us know your hotel name or residence and we will arrange the necessary road transfers for getting to San Blas, norm

Crewed catamaran charters caribbean style: San Blas experience

Panama in general and specially the San Blas area are the most unknown sailing yacht charter destination in the Caribbean. There were times when finding a catamaran for charter in San Blas was difficult, mainly because of the lack of infrastructure for catamarans and other sail boats. With new marinas that have just opened, we can say that those times are mostly over and we can provide accommodation in San Blas though any of our all inclusive catamarans charters. Contact us for your all inclusive sailing holidays, private catamaran charters, shared catamaran charters, even honeymoon yacht charters, you choose. Come to San Blas now for the best sailing cruises in the caribbean, paclk your tow

All inclusive catamaran caribbean charters

Relax and go on board any of the catamarans we propose to you, our catamaran cruise in San Blas is the way to go in this remote area because our services are all inclusive on board. Services include 3 meals a day and natural beverages/water. Local Kuna fisherman contribute to our diet with lobster and fresh fish. Our prices are fully adapted to the market and are justified based on the following criteria: - Buying a boat, specially any of this catamarans costs as much or more than a big house and is much more expensive to maintain. Our catamarans are modern and comfortable boats with a range of amenities on board, so the price can never be comparable to a guest house. However, the experience

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