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Bring your catamaran to charter in the San Blas islands

We are actively looking to partner up with catamaran owners to bring sailing vessels into the region of San Blas and incorporate them in our fleet.


Two options are available:

*** Catamaran cruisers either in the Caribbean or aiming to sail the San Blas islands for any period of time or season. You will be the captain and have to secure the rest of the crew necessary to charter within our quality standards.

*** Part time live aboard catamaran owners that want to leave their catamaran to charter San Blas to generate revenue. We will fix the crew for your catamaran and take care of all the arrangements needed.

Top advantages to placing a boat in San Blas for charter:
  1. Brand new or late model year boats demanded in San Blas are now affordable for many since revenue is generated

  2. If you’re able to afford a boat, with charter you can afford a newer boat or bigger boat for the same money or even less.

  3. Other people (qualified charter guests) help pay down your loan, as you build equity in the vessel (largely on their money).

  4. Owners get first pick of all the charter weeks each year and still get great recreational value out of a boat in charter.

  5. Placing a boat in charter gives you immediate access to the amazing San Blas Islands.

  6. Wear and tear on charter boats in the San Blas islands with (12-14 week of charter annually) is minimal. 

  7. Your catamaran will be listed in our website with full visibility

  8. Not satisfied with our service, simply sail away.

Buy one of our catamarans for sale and leave it in charter.

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