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El Niño and the Absence of Rain in Panama and San Blas

Panama is currently experiencing the most severe three-year drought in its history and with drought comes an increment in heat. How does that affect your sailing experience in the San Blas?.

El Niño is expected to last until at least April 2024, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

El Niño, which officially started in July 2023 has had a significant impact on Panama's weather. These last years, Panama has been strongly influenced by one of the greatest El Niño events ever recorded, contributing to one of the country's most severe recorded droughts.

Draught in Panama

The drought is affecting not only many aspects of Panamanian society but also Panama’s oceans and terrestrial ecosystems. Severe climatic events such as this present unique opportunities for scientists to study how nature responds.

As a result of record-high land and sea surface temperatures since June 2023, last year became the hottest year on record. This year 2024 could be even warmer with an acute absence of rain which in part benefits those summer sailing charters in San Blas

Hot Hot in the San Blas islands

What does this means for Catamaran charters in San Blas and how to cope with heat during your sailing vacations during summer?

Absence of heavy rain is indeed better for sailing those "rainy summer months" between May and September. The years where flooding and persistent rain made a sailboat charter difficult are nowhere to be seen and weather during the summer has been equiparable to the winter months, December - April.

Using an air conditioner onboard will reduce heat and humidity inside the cabins, salon and all interiors so that you can sleep like a baby. A/Cs also help prevent mold growth and bad smells on a boat so even in high season you may want to consider renting an air conditioning catamaran in San Blas like one of our Salina 48s.

Catamarans with A/C in San Blas

However, boat air conditioners consume a lot of energy and often require a generator to run while at anchor Noise is not super high in most cases but do bring ear plugs along for your San Blas trip.

Not all of our catamarans have A/C, so please check the description of our our catamarans or request info from us.

Other recommendation for the heat is to swim and swim, eat fruits and vegetables, stay in the shaded areas of the catamarans and the islands and keep hydrated at all times.

Snorkeling in San Blas is the perfect way to loose body heat

Get informed, choose your catamaran wisely.


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