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Top 10 San Blas Expert Travel Tips For Finding the Perfect Charter Yacht

Catamaran specs, crew, water toys, activities proposed and food are amongst the basic features worth taking a closer look before booking a catamaran charter in the San Blas islands. Charter company recent online reviews are also worth digging into.

The more than 365 islands of the vast Caribbean archipelago of Guna Yala offer an inviting scenario where to get lost and enjoy a unique sailing vacation in an unspoiled context and in the last true (and totally safe) Caribbean Paradise.

Dutch Cays in the San Blas Islands

Guna indigenous on a wooden carved canoe.

As specialists in San Blas we want to pass this knowledge on to you so that your sailing vacations turn into beautiful memories for years to come.

If, for example you already chartered a catamaran in the BVIs, or any other of the major sailing destinations in he Caribbean such as Bahamas, Saint Marteen, USVis, you will notice San Blas is a unique place offering a more natural and spectacular experience, a different approach to a sailing charter, this is why you must be perfectly informed. Be warned, once you come to San Blas, you will set the bar really high and your next catamaran charter elsewhere might be somewhat disappointing :)

Cambombia, Salar and Bapurgana. Best of the deep San Blas

Tips to help you find the perfect sailing charter in the San Blas islands:

  1. Crew: read online testimonials on Trip Advisor and other sources. Crew must have local knowledge, have motivation and at the same time, very important, respect your privacy.

  2. Catamaran: we have around 15 catamarans available to book. Our most requested catamaran are our Salinas, Lagoon 57s, Lagoon 42 and Lipari 41. This catamarans have performed exceptionally well over the last years and will continue to do so since they are perfectly maintained and regularly upgraded. Choose a catamaran that is big enough for your whole group, A/C or not depends on the month you choose and how tolerant you are to heat and humidity.

  3. Food: San Blas has the freshet seafood possible but do discuss your dietary preferences with the charter agency and ensure they can accommodate them. Having an open bar catamaran is a nice feature worth considering

  4. Layout: Depending on your group size, consider the number of cabins, toilets, showers, and deck areas. Not because you are only 2 you should choose the smallest catamaran available.

  5. Activities: Depending on the size of your party, it is important to have enough entertainment and activity areas on board. Look for yachts that provide ample lounge areas, sunbathing decks, and a comfortable cockpit.

  6. Water toys: Paddle-boards are more frequent everyday and are gradually replacing kayaks. Snorkeling gear that is in good shape and clean, and other water toys such as sea scooters are also important.

  7. Itinerary: A clear and default path fot the number of your sailing charter date must be provided and publicly shown. This itinerary will serve as a base in order to improve comfort, captains can implement modifications. There is no point in beating into de wind when there are so many incredible spots within an easy reach. Trust the captain.

  8. Indigenous on board: new doors to the deep San Blas will open and at the same time you will be contributing to the local communities.

  9. Onboard Safety: CE certified catamaran with all safety gear including lifejackets, liferaft and fire control systems are a must.

  10. Onboard Systems: Essential systems include a generator for electrical power, multiple charging points for devices, and optional air conditioning for comfort. An onboard watermaker is also convenient and all of our catamarans in San Blas have it

Apart from this points, make sure you communicate your requirements with the charter company and that they are receptive and can accomodate them. Only the best San Blas islands sailing company can do so.

With the insight provided, now you are also an expert in San Blas.

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