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Top 5 Benefits of a Flotilla Sailing Cruise in San Blas

Embarking on a catamaran cruise in the San Blas islands with only your partner or family is indeed a remarkable experience that will implant good memories for years to come, but what about sharing the experience with other cruisers?

2 catamarans paired in San Blas is already a (small) flotilla

Single Yacht Charters are often the norm down here in San Blas. Families and small groups of friends spending time together and sharing a single catamaran, in this, the last unspoiled Caribbean archipelago.

Family reunion at Coco Bandero; one of the outer cays of the San Blas

A family private sailing vacation in San Blas is the time for bonding and at times celebrating a specific date such as birthday or anniversary. Sharing the same space and catamaran and the physical proximity is a good conductor for emotions to surface within that small group or family. Flotilla sailing adds a twist to single charters and gives the possibility for guests to expand in different ways.

Our Salina 48 at full capacity carrying 10 guests on a 10 night sailing trip

Check out Salina 48 !

Multiple catamarans are often chartered by organizations and event organizers that put together a number of people sharing a goal or interest but we do receive families or large groups of friends that require a couple of catamarans in order to accommodate a large number of guests.

The crowded it gets in San Blas

Top 5 Benefits of a Flotilla Cruise in the San Blas Islands:

  1. No need for tedious planning, just follow the catamaran leader and you are set. Small variations to the plan can be made but most likely your transfers, itinerary and activities are all set and predetermined from the beginning.

  2. All boats, crew and guests share a common aim such as sailing to Coco Bandero, Dutch Cays or specific islands, snorkeling that specific part of the reef to encounter such and such sea creature or visiting the locals in a certain village. There is a vast list of things to do in San Blas, so make sure you choose wisely and take into consideration our recommendations. We are the locals!

  3. Large groups can be accommodated. Catamaran Adventures San Blas can provide all the catamarans, crew and provisioning needed which makes the perfect context for any large friend gathering, family reunion or corporate event.

  4. - Privacy in each boat can be achieved easily. There’s a (non-obligatory) social element that is intrinsic to the trip.

  5. - Costs per person are lower since catamarans reach full occupancy. Some of our catamarans in San Blas carry as little as 2 guests and other boats up to 10 guests sleeping in 4 doubles.

Sailing San Blas and specially crewed catamaran trips and private charters are a wonderful way to spend your vacations.

Don't miss out on the last and truly unspoiled Caribbean Paradise! Contact us for your flotilla sailing holidays.


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