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Top 5 Concerns of Traveling to San Blas

No malaria and no local health threat, no vandalism or theft, no hidden costs or sketchy situations, just unspoiled natural beauty with more than 365 islands, perfectly crewed catamaran and service and an inviting indigenous community.

San Blas islands are safe. Free of malaria or any health threat, no vandalism or theft.
A perfect day in San Blas.

Although a catamaran sailing charter in the San Blas islands might seem something extraordinarily dangerous and unsafe, the reality is completely the opposite. Sailing San Blas is a controlled yet full of wonderful surprises experience that is yet to be discovered by many and that offers a real off the beaten path location recommended for a wide range of travelers such as couples, families and friends.

Kayaking in San Blas
Kayaking and many more activities are available in the pristine and peaceful islands of San Blas.

In the following post we address the 5 major concerns expressed by our guests when booking a yacht charter in San Blas.

1.Health and safety: when traveling to such a remote part of the Caribbean, you may think about health risks and safety concerns such as malaria, COVID-19 and other diseases, natural disasters, crime, terrorism, and political instability. Needless to say that all travel restrictions related to Covid are long gone and that you can enter both Panama and Guna Yala freely by just showing your passport. San Blas has no malaria, zica, dengue incidence. We have none of these tropical diseases on record and none of our crew has ever had any issues. Speaking about crime or terrorism is out of the questions; not only San Blas is the safest part of Panama but also the humble indigenous inhabitants of the islands and their interesting culture are the highlight of our sailing charters.

San Blas catamaran charter
San Blas is a sanctuary that offers you a haven of safety, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of today's world.

2.Language and cultural differences: Indigenous have their own dialect but luckily some of them also speak Spanish, therefore communication barriers are by the most part non existent due to the fact that our crews also speak Spanish apart from English.

Lisa, the mola maker, selling her molas in San Blas
Meet Lisa, the Mola maker. She sells her "molas" around the anchorages.

3.Travel logistics: booking flights in and out is now easier than ever, simply decide your preferred method and we will take care of the rest and set you up with all the logistics.

4.Costs: our services are all inclusive and there is nothing extra to pay and no hidden costs. All meals and catamaran expenses are covered. Do bring some cash because you may be tempted to buy some traditional molas or go on a private hike in the jungle to take back home with you.

5.Visa and passport requirements: No special visa or extra requirement to enter the San Blas Islands, simply show your passport at the Guna border or at the airport, that’s it.

All that info is all right but what if maybe I need to leave San Blas due to a personal reason and I need to do it immediately?

Throughout the years we have had a couple of situations where guest or part of the group needs to leave the region immediately in order to attend an important situation back in their home country. In this cases we immediately call a plane to take the guest out of the San Blas Islands back to the desired location which can be Panama City or for example Tocumen International airport for a flight back home. Flight back time is 40 minutes and all can be arranged in very little time. Flights only depart during the day, so we are limited by that.

San Blas Sailing charters


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