What Are the Extra Costs of an All Inclusive Private Sailing Charter?

On board expenses in our all included catamaran vacations in San Blas islands are covered for your convenience. Transfers in and our and personal goods bought from land are not covered.

The following is a comprehensive list of items and services not included

  • Transfers in and out of the region; private road or air transfers. Prices on transfers depend on the amount of guests and method used, better check our "How To Get To San Blas, Panama? The Ultimate Guide" for clear information on costs and other important details. Water taxis are integrated in your transfer package fee and therefore not included in our catamaran charter quote. We provide with the total cost of your specific transfers. Prices are public and are posted in our website.

  • Kuna taxes: entry to the Kuna Yala region of $20/person for non nationals and port fees $2/person. Both fees are only paid one time.

  • Goods bought outside the catamaran: normally our guests purchase molas, which are hand-made textile that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the Kuna people. It’s not only a nice gift to take back home but also a way to contribute to the economy of the indigenous people in San Blas.

  • Guided tours run by the Kunas such as the Nargana river trail and other possible excursions are not covered in our all inclusive rates. Prices are not high at all and the experience is really worth it.

  • Diet food, special snacks and carbonated drinks. These foods are not included in our sailing charters but we will provide them upon request, so take that into consideration when booking your sailing adventures in the Caribbean,

  • Island fees: some of the indigenous do charge a few $ per person in some of the islands. Payment of this fee entitles you to enjoy the island for 24 hours and gives you full access to the beaches and interior of the island. Some of the islands are either inhabited or simply do not charge an entrance fee, so at the end, and since we mostly cover the outer cays with mostly inhabited islands, expenses on island fees tend to be minimal

  • Meals outside of the catamaran. At times and if the moment is right, you may want to have dinner ashore or go for a BBQ made by the locals. We include 3 meals a day and cover all food, but why would you miss the chance of meeting the local indigenous and getting to know their ways?

  • Drinks bought from the indigenous: beer, soda and other drinks are served in some islands, again, why would you miss the opportunity of sharing a drink and interacting with the locals, at least that time.

  • Beach Towel: we do provide towels for use inside the catamaran but please bring your personal towel for using at the beach.

All the rest is included, visit our post: "What Is Included In The All Inclusive Catamaran Charter"

Visit our FAQ for detailed information on San Blas holidays.

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