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What Are The Most Beautiful Islands In San Blas, Panama?

Most visited and Instagram famous islands such as Isla Perro, Isla Pelicano, Robenson Island, and Chichime in the San Blas Islands in Panama are indeed charming, but not necessarily the most beautiful and idyllic of the San Blas region. They are simply easy to access with a local land based tour.

San Blas islands located in the Caribbean coast of Panama are for many the most beautiful vacation destination in the Caribbean.

Inhabited by the peaceful and welcoming Guna Indigenous, this tropical region is dotted with more than 350 islands and surrounded by a huge coral barrier that keeps a 20 mile long area away from any weather disturbance. Year-round calm weather with no recorded hurricanes and practically no waves, make sailing holidays in the San Blas Islands on our crewed catamarans not physically demanding and accessible for all age groups.

Deciding which of the San Blas Islands to visit is definitely a huge struggle and something that must be taken seriously if we want to optimize our holidays in San Blas.

Most of us are lured by the images appearing on social media such as Instagram and Facebook depicting coconut tree filled beaches with amazing crystal clear water, maybe some hut on the beach, a bar and some people bathing or enjoying their time in various ways.

Yes this is all fine, the pictures look great and all this is part of the San Blas islands, but there is an interminable list of other amazing islands which are not publicly exposed just because they are not reachable to the typical day visitor and can only be accessed on longer stays and of course with the help of a sailing boat, preferably a catamaran.

An important fact is that although to the untrained eye, it may seem that every San Blas island is the same, the fact is there are significant peculiarities amongst them. All of the islands can deliver a unique experience if approached the proper way. Some islands are perfect snorkeling sites, some are good for paddle boarding, some for fishing, others for simply admiring while enjoying your pina colada onboard, in some cases, the Guna indigenous ashore are worth to interact with and some times not.

Embarking with the right crew with profound knowledge of the area is also key in the San Blas islands sailing trips.

The following islands you are not likely to see on social media. We will not disclose location nor name of the island. If you need to know the coordinates of such amazing islands, contact us. ☺️

Most of the pictures above contain islands away from shore and form part of the outer cays of San Blas that can only be reached with the proper means.

Visit for your next holidays in the San Blas Islands!


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