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How's food onboard?

A crewed catamaran experience in San Blas is not only a type of tropical adventure tourism but also food tourism. We understand the relevance of the cuisine as one of the most important issues that define your travel experience. We strive to make food served onboard a new, exotic and unusual experience, a deeper insight into the San Blas islands culture.

Although we adapt meals to our guest preferences; pescatarian diet onboard is the norm simply because that is our closest approach to a Mediterranean type of cuisine. Apart from having fish as a primary protein source in the diet we also include various ingredients, such as locally grown vegetables and tropical fruits. Meat eaters don’t worry, we can also server meat, just let us know.

Fish is normally brought in from the local indigenous fisherman on their wood carved canoes. Different types of snappers, and live lobster along with octopus and at times conch are the usual catch of the day and constitute the basics for the elaboration of our dishes.

From March 1st to June 30th we respect no catch lobster season in San Blas.

We offer an all inclusive service on board: three meals a day, snacks, tropical fruit and cocktails (moderate alcohol consumption). 


Adaptation to our menus or elaboration techniques to suit your needs can also be incorporated: keto, vegan, raw... Allergies will also be taken into consideration when elaborating our dishes.

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