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Why Sail the San Blas Islands on a Catamaran?

At Catamaran Adventures we love catamarans and firmly believe in the advantages of such type of vessels for the shallow waters in such unique sailing destination. San Blas is not a hardcore sailing destination for die hard sailors, instead, the calm waters are blessed with year round good weather and mild sailing conditions that invite al types of visitors, no matter their sailing experience.

It is important to clarify that while you are currently on vacation in the San Blas islands with your friends or family, you have already endured the stress of flying from your home country and navigating through airports and transfers to reach your final destination. Therefore, the last thing you want is to board a sailing vessel that is not sufficiently comfortable or does not meet your expectations for any reason. Participating in a regatta is not what you desire; instead, you seek relaxation, the opportunity to enjoy the view, and a sense of comfort and safety. Your vacation experience will truly unfold once these circumstances are met.

Catamarans offer double the space and the perfect stability both at sea and anchor, making them the perfect platform from which to explore the more than 365 islands of this vast archipelago. 

Our catamarans are all modern CE approved vessels and sailed by professional crew to ensure you take full advantage of these dream islands. 


Luxury hotels in San Blas are non existent and all land-based accommodation in San Blas is limited to backpacker standards.

Top 5 reasons why opting for a catamaran for your San Blas sailing experience might be the perfect choice for you, your family, or your friends.

1. Privacy: Our catamarans offer individual cabins that are completely separate from both other guests and the crew. Some of our catamarans even feature a fly bridge or semi-fly bridge, ensuring that lounging and sailing areas are distinct. Additionally, the presence of a rear cockpit provides guests with the privacy that is not typically found on a traditional monohull.

2. Motion sickness-free: Catamarans are an excellent option for those prone to seasickness, as well as families traveling with children. With their stable design, catamarans minimize the rocking motion, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience without any discomfort.

3. Spaciousness: With two hulls, catamarans offer double the space compared to monohulls. Modern construction techniques and layouts have resulted in catamarans that resemble floating homes with sails, providing unparalleled comfort and serving as the perfect platform for your next holiday.

4. Easy and swift sailing: A faster boat not only allows you to reach the outer cays more quickly and effortlessly, but it is also crucial for safety purposes. Speed becomes essential when you want to avoid getting caught in an approaching squall. While San Blas boasts excellent weather almost all year round, why risk encountering a local storm when you can swiftly sail away at 15 knots to another location with favorable conditions?

5. Water toys: The abundance of deck space on our catamarans means more water toys available for your enjoyment. We provide kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear, all at your disposal and free to use.

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