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We offer the finest selection of hand-picked catamarans in the most idyllic Caribbean charter destination: San Blas, Panama. Tailored to your personal preferences by our professional crew, your charter can be as relaxed or adventurous as you desire.

In the Caribbean coast of Panama, along more than 300 km, there is a string of coral islands and crystal waters called San Blas. Still unknown paradise, explored by few and dreamed by most. Nearly 350 islands make up this beautiful archipelago that stretches from the Gulf of San Blas until just before the border with Colombia, an exceptional place in the world, famous for its inviting white sand beaches, turquoise waters and coconut filled trees. 


We now invite you to discover it the best way possible, on a perfectly equipped and crewed catamaran.

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Discreetly inhabited since pre-colonial times by Kuna Indians, these islands retain the ancestral essence of a different world thanks to the Guna culture still maintaining their customs and traditions. You will see their women wearing their traditional molas, colourful fabrics and bold patterns supplemented by a number of bracelets and gold earrings. The men are usually engaged in fishing from their wood carved canoes, their catch is later sold to us or exchanged for goods from the mainland. Do not miss the opportunity to interact  with the Guna Yala people, they are very friendly and unique.

The archipelago of San Blas also offers a unique setting for swimming, fishing and, of course, snorkelling. We provide you a mask and all the snorkelling gear to discover an incredible ocean filled with colourful fish and marine life, we might also visit an old sunken ship. Onboard you will also find paddle boards and kayaks free for you to use.


Our catamarans ensure you the best way to take full advantage of these dream islands, allowing us to move between them in the most comfortable manner. Luxury hotels in San Blas are non existent and all accommodation in San Blas is limited to backpacker standards.

How do I get to San Blas and how much does it cost?

We will take care of all the transfers in and out the catamaran. If you plan on booking transfers yourself, please make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy, licensed and reliable company.

Land transport: expect 4 hours/way total time, you will be picked up and dropped in the location you specify in Panama City. Cost is $70/person and it also includes the water taxi. You will leave Panama city at around 5:30 AM, on the way back, expect to be in Panama City at around 12:00 AM. You may also come with your own car, we will recommend the most reliable water taxi and send you a map to the port of San Blas.


Flying is a very interesting option, you bypass all border chaos and will land in the most incredible part of San Blas, far away from the border and the islands filled with day tourists from Panama. Entering San Blas by air gives you the perfect start for your vacation, the plane flies over the jungle and then over the cays of San Blas prior to landing right next to the catamaran. No need for a long tedious water taxi transfer. You can depart from Albrook international airport at 7:30 AM or which ever time we agree on. Details and prices here.

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