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Your experience in San Blas

We offer the finest selection of hand-picked catamarans in the most idyllic Caribbean charter destination: San Blas, Panama.
Tailored to your personal preferences by our professional crew, your charter can be as relaxed or adventurous as you desire.

In the Caribbean coast of Panama, along more than 300 km, there is a string of coral islands and crystal waters called San Blas, a still unknown paradise, explored by few and dreamed by most. We now invite you to discover it the best way possible, on a perfectly equipped catamaran. Nearly 400 islands make up this beautiful archipelago that stretches from the Gulf of San Blas until just before the border with Colombia, an exceptional place in the world, famous for its inviting white sand beaches, turquoise waters and coconut filled trees.

Discreetly inhabited since pre-colonial times by  Kuna Indians, these islands retain the ancestral essence of a different world thanks to the Guna culture still maintaining their customs and traditions. You will see their women wearing their molas, colourful fabrics and bold patterns supplemented by a number of bracelets and earrings. 

The men are usually engaged in fishing from their wood carved canoes, the catch is later sold to us or exchanged for goods from the mainland. Do not miss the opportunity to interact  with the Guna Yala, they are very friendly.

The archipelago of San Blas also offers a unique setting for swimming, fishing and, of course, snorkelling. We lend you a mask and snorkel to discover the incredible ocean filled with colourful fish, starfish, we might also visit an old sunken ship. Our catamaran gives you the best way to go and take full advantage of these dream islands, allowing us to move between them in the most comfortable manner, onboard and depending on the catamaran you will find other water toys such as paddle boards and kayaks.

Possible itineraries for your trip:

You may freely choose the number of nights for your trip, although we recommend  extended stays of at leat more than 3-4 nights, 2 night trips are often requested due to the limited time our guests spend in Panama. The following is a 2 night itinerary including road transfer from your hotel/residence in Panama City:

Sailing will be limited since we understand you want to make the most out of your reduced time in San Blas and so, visiting the islands, snorkelling, interacting with the locals, etc should be a priority, advise us so if that is not the case, we will adapt to your needs

Itinerary for 2 nights: you will be picked up from your hotel or residence in Panama City at around 5:30 am and from there just a quick stop at the supermarket so that you can make any shopping you desire (it´s a custom to stop there, normally guests buy extra alcohol, some sweets...) you will arrive at the port of San Blas at around 8:15-8:30. Once in the port of San Blas and with formalities in check you will be directed to the corresponding water taxi which will take you to the catamaran.

Expect around 45 minutes of water taxi. Board the catamaran ad after a quick briefing and maybe a swim, you will sail to y the W Cayos Holandeses, that is about 1 1/2 hours total sailing. you will spend most of the day at the islands located around that can be accessed with the dingy, so no need for sailing.

Sleep is done while at anchor in that part of the Cays.

Next day you will sail to another group of islands within the Cays. Sailing time is around 1 hour: time for snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. That same afternoon on sundown you will sail back to the point of origin, expect around 2 1/2 hours of sailing, there you will be picked up next morning around 6:00 AM by the local water taxi.

Expect to be in Panama City before noon.

Normally on short stays, guests tend to book a late exit for 50% of the price, that means disembarking at 15:00 on exit day thus spending one more night out in the amazing Dutch Cays or any location different from the initial point.

Take into consideration that this itinerary can/will be modified by the captain if the weather does not allow such route. Normally in high season this does not occur, in summer chances are a bit higher but San Blas is beautiful and there are more than 360 islands, so...


How do I get to San Blas and how much does it cost?

We do not manage transfers directly but we will put you in contact with the most reliable of all transfer companies.


Land transport, expect 4 hours/way total time, you are picked up and dropped in the location you specify in Panama City, cost is $70/person and it also includes the taxi boat, you will leave Panama city at around 5:30 AM, on the way back, expect to be in Panama City at around 12:00 AM. You may also come with your own car, we will recommend the most reliable water taxi.


Flying is a very interesting option, you bypass all border chaos, you will land in the most incredible part of San Blas, far away from the border and the islands filled with day tourists from Panama. Entering San Blas by air gives you the perfect start for your vacation, the plane flies over the jungle and then over the cays of San Blas prior to landing right next to the catamaran, no need for long tedious water taxi transfer. You can depart from Albrook international airport at 7:30 AM or which ever time we agree on. Private planes for up to 8 guests cost $1150/way, for small groups, up to 3, there is a small plane for $500/way.

If you choose a 7 day trip you could follow this Itinerary, remember you can always come one, two, three days...7, 15...

If you choose a 7 day trip you could follow this Itinerary, remember you can always come one, two, three days...7, 15...

Day 1: 7 day trip itinerary

At 5:45 AM you will be picked up from your hotel in Panama or the location you choose by the transfer service. After 2 1/2 hours, and after going through the Kuna border, you will arrive at the Port Barsukum, you will see a sign on the right hand side  of the road. Boat transfer to our catamaran will take around 30min. Normally, our catamaran will be in the island Banedup, in Cayo Limón, but because the importance of the weather, the exact location will be known the day  before embarking.

Once in Banedup, at around 10:30 Am, you will receive a briefing from the captain and get to know the boat and other issues.  Lunch will be served at around 12:30, so you have time to explore the surroundings, after a quick rest after lunch you will sail for one hour to  Holandeses Cays, Paradise within Paradise.

Day 2: 7 day trip itinerary

You wake up surrounded by nature and cristal clear waters. Time to use the kayaks and the paddle boards to go and explore the reefs and islands around. Go ashore to drink a coconut from Jose, our kuna friend.

Day 3: 7 day trip itinerary

Anchor in this spot in central Cayos Holandeses and you will have two islands surrounded by shallow reefs very close, snorkeling is top-class, also a nice opportunity for some total peace and quiet.

Day 4: 7 day trip itinerary

Arriving in "The Pool" and anchoring just meters away from Isla Tortuga is described as one of the most beautiful experiences in San Blas. Watch sting rays and friendly nurse sharks swim underneath the boat.

Day 5: 7 day trip itinerary

Western Cayo Coco bandero is basically 3 inahbited island, only one of them has a couple of fishermen dedicated to smoking fish and a small hut.

Day 6: 7 day trip itinerary

Cayo Coco Bandero and Rosa Linda´s kindness will remain in your memory for ever. This is the Paradise we always talk about, so take your time to enjoy it.

Day 7: 7 day trip itinerary

Cayo Coco Bandero and Rosa Linda´s kindness will remain in your memory for ever. This is the Paradise we always talk about, so take your time to enjoy it.

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These are just a few of the islands, San Blas has more than 350 to explore, com join our crewed catamarans for the best San Blas sailing

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