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San Blas  Catamaran Cruise: Experience San Blas

We offer the finest selection of catamarans in the most idyllic sailing charter destination and the perfect Caribbean getaway: San Blas, Panama, the only remaining Caribbean Paradise.

Tailored to your personal preferences by our professional crew, your charter can be as relaxed or adventurous as you desire.
San Blas Sailing Charters

In the Caribbean coast of Panama, along more than 300 km, there is a string of coconut-filled coral islands with gleaming white sand and clear jade waters called San Blas. Still an unknown paradise, explored by few and dreamed by most. Nearly 365 islands make up this beautiful archipelago that stretches from the Gulf of San Blas until just before the border with Colombia.

*** 10 Tips Booking a Yacht Charter in San Blas

Dutch Cays of San Blas

If you have previously rented a catamaran in the BVIs or any other popular Caribbean sailing destination, like the Bahamas, Saint Marteen, or USVIs, you will quickly realise that San Blas is a special location that provides a more spectacular and natural experience,


Be advised that after visiting San Blas, you will raise the bar high and your subsequent catamaran charters elsewhere may not be as memorable as your San Blas adventure 

San Blas Cruise
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