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Your catamaran experience in San Blas

We offer the finest selection of hand-picked catamarans in the most idyllic sailing charter destination and the perfect Caribbean getaway: San Blas, Panama, the only remaining Caribbean Paradise.

Tailored to your personal preferences by our professional crew, your charter can be as relaxed or adventurous as you desire.

In the Caribbean coast of Panama, along more than 300 km, there is a string of coconut-filled coral islands with gleaming white sand and clear jade waters called San Blas. Still an unknown paradise, explored by few and dreamed by most. Nearly 350 islands make up this beautiful archipelago that stretches from the Gulf of San Blas until just before the border with Colombia.


This is not not your typical yacht charter destination. Home of the Kuna indigenous tribes. This is an exceptional place in the world, famous for its inviting white sand beaches, turquoise waters and coconut tree filled islands. 


We now invite you, your friends and family to discover this paradise in the best way possible, on a perfectly equipped crewed and all inclusive catamaran trip.


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Discreetly inhabited since pre-colonial times by the friendly Kuna Indians, these islands retain the ancestral essence of a different world thanks to the Kuna indigenous still maintaining their customs and traditions. This is a totally safe area for you to explore. You will encounter women wearing their traditional molas composed of colourful fabrics and bold patterns supplemented by a number of bracelets and gold earrings. The men are usually engaged in fishing from their wood carved canoes. Their catch is later sold to us or exchanged for goods from the mainland. Do not miss the opportunity to interact with the Guna Yala people, they are truly unique and speak their own dialect, but our crew will help you with the translation. Plato, the Greek philosopher, said "perfection only lives in the realm of thought" and San Blas also has some islands/anchorages to avoid, mainly of those close to the land border with easy access to day tourists.

 What is there to do? 

The archipelago of San Blas offers a unique setting for swimming, fishing and of course, snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking. We provide you a mask and all the snorkelling gear to discover an incredible ocean filled with colourful fish and diverse marine life, we might even visit an old sunken ship. Onboard you will find paddle boards, kayaks and snorkeling equipment. Our Salina 48 catamaran even has seabobs free to use. Don’t feel active? simply relax on the spacious and comfortable deck while you read a book, or contemplate the scenery while sipping a delicious complimentary pina colada. Do remember that this is definitely not a booze cruise and that being trashed or over drinking is not allowed.

Visiting the islands and meeting the Kuna indigenous and their traditional way of living is definitely a must, we accompany you to their tiny huts and island villages if you desire.


Most visited and Instagram-famous islands such as Isla Perro, Isla Pelicano, Robenson Island, and Chichime are indeed charming, but not necessarily the most beautiful and idyllic of the San Blas region. These well known locations are simply easy to access with a local land based tour. Our sailing areas, unless requested by guests, don’t cover these islands mentioned, we mainly sail through the most isolated, untouched and natural part of the Dutch Cays, Coco Bandero Cays and Cambombia area, "paradise within paradise".

Embarking with the right crew with profound knowledge of the area is also key in the San Blas islands sailing trips. Our crew not only knows San Blas like the back of their hand but most importantly LOVE their job. We will continue to employ local know-it-all Kuna indigenous assistants thus contributing to the local economy to the furthest extent.

Traveling with kids is not only possible but absolutely recommended. Kids will enjoy every minute of the sailing trip in this small part of the Caribbean.

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 How are your catamarans like? 

Our catamarans are all modern and spacious CE approved vessels and sailed by professional crew to ensure you take full advantage of these dream islands. Luxury hotels in San Blas are non existent and all land-based accommodation in San Blas is limited to backpacker standards.

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It is most important to note that some catamarans in San Blas have sometimes a dual purpose and aim at luring in both backpackers and crewed sailing holidays vacationers. Needless to say that standards in itineraries, catamaran layout/maintenance and onboard service demanded by these two types of guests are extremely different. Take that into consideration and make a consistent research when booking your catamaran vacation in the San Blas Islands

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 How’s food onboard? 

A crewed catamaran experience in San Blas is not only a type of tropical adventure tourism but also food tourism. We understand the relevance of the cuisine as one of the most important issues that define your travel experience. We strive to make food served onboard a new, exotic and unusual experience, a deeper insight into the San Blas islands culture.

Although we adapt meals to our guest preferences; pescatarian diet onboard is the norm simply because that is our closest approach to a Mediterranean type of cuisine. Apart from having fish as a primary protein source in the diet we also include various ingredients, such as locally grown vegetables and tropical fruits. Meat eaters don’t worry, we can also server meat, just let us know.

lobster meal on catamaran san blas.jpeg

Fish is normally brought in from the local indigenous fisherman on their wood carved canoes. Different types of snappers, and live lobster along with octopus and at times conch are the usual catch of the day and constitute the basics for the elaboration of our dishes.

From March 1st to June 30th we respect no catch lobster season in San Blas.

We offer an all inclusive service on board: three meals a day, snacks, tropical fruit and cocktails (moderate alcohol consumption). 


Adaptation to our menus or elaboration techniques to suit your needs can also be incorporated: keto, vegan, raw... Allergies will also be taken into consideration when elaborating our dishes.


 The weather in San blas: what is the best time to come to the San blas Islands? 

The weather in San Blas is not exactly like the rest of Panama. San Blas weather is tropical but at the same time quite unique and peculiar due mostly to its location within the Caribbean and the blowing Trade Winds. Other Caribbean sailing destinations like the BVI, Saint Marteen, Antigua and Barbuda, the Grenadines, Grenada etc... also have the Trade Winds blowing, the only difference is that this other areas, unlike Panama and San Blas, they do have a hurricane season to avoid and that is from June to November.

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Sailing the San Blas islands and embarking on a catamaran cruise is possible year round and there is not really an out of season period. Dry and wet seasons are defined for most of the Caribbean, but for San Blas there is another season in between those two.

That 3rd season covers the months after the dry season:

  1. December - April: dry season with no rain and sunny skies, moderate to strong wind. Water visibility in the windiest days is affected. Tourists love the dry season, also known as the high season in San Blas.

  2. May - August: 3rd season, December to August. Variable weather with occasional short duration rain showers and light wind. Perfect water visibility for snorkeling. Low tourism and boats.

  3. September -November: wet season, rain and cloud coverage. If rain is constant which most of the time is not, water visibility can be partly affected by the muddy water flowing from the rivers. Very light wind and no tourist or boats.

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 How do I get to San Blas and how much does it cost? 

We will take care of all the transfers in and out the catamaran. If you plan on booking transfers yourself, please make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy, licensed and reliable company.

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*** San Blas travel bubble approach

Land transport

- be picked up 5ish in the morning from your hotel

- up to 4 guests per car (they are 4x4) Kuna indigenous are the only authorised drivers and there is nothing for us to do here

- nothing adventurous transfer. no stops possible and the road transfer may cause motion sickness

- price is $75/person/way 
- Mandatory $20/person entry tax paid to the indigenous and $2/person tax for port use.

- very possible delays at the border (Covid pape work, Covid bottleneck high season demand and very important, Panamanian weekend travelers)

- undetermined waiting at the ports, very "basic" place

- open water taxi, no cover and possibility of rain, they are also managed by only indigenous

- total travel time around 5 hours, realistically

- Checkout at 6::00  - 7:00 Am, you lose total time of around 8 hours in San Blas if you do not fly in.

Self drive: a van  or regular can wont do, you need a 4x4 or you will not be allowed bu officers through the border. It will take you a bit less than regular transfer because you wont stop at the supermarket. It’s a good option to save some money and live the experience. You can park your car in the  San Blas port for a few $ and it will be guarded during your stay. Contact us and receive the map and instruction on how to get to the port of San Blas. More info in our blog.


Flying is a very interesting option, you bypass all border chaos and you will land in the most incredible part of San Blas, far away from the border and the islands filled with day tourists from Panama. Entering San Blas by air gives you the perfect start for your vacation. The plane flies over the jungle and then over the cays of San Blas prior to landing right next to the catamaran. no need for long tedious water taxi transfer. You can depart from Albrook international airport at 7:30 AM or whichever time we agree on. Private planes for 2 passengers and a child from $650/way with a maximum weight of 500 lbs and up to 5 passengers for $690/way with a maximum weight of 800 lbs; groups of 8 passengers for $1900/way maximum weight 1600 lbs. For more guests please reach us. Mandatory $12/person airport  tax paid to the indigenous.


Flight prices:

CESSNA 172 - 2 guests and a child with total carrying weight of 400 lb.: $450 /way

C206 - 5 guests with total carrying weight of 750 lb.: $560/way

Islander - 8 guests with total carrying weight of 1400 lb.: $1500/way

Kodiak - 8 guests with total carrying weight of 1800 lb.: $1950/way

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