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flights to San Blas

Flights to San Blas: Private Plane Transfers

Flying to San Blas instead of taking the road transfer Is a very interesting option.You will bypass all border chaos and land in the most incredible part of San Blas, a stone throw away from Cayo Coco Bandero and Cambombia area, far away from the road border and the islands filled with day tourists from Panama.

*** Should I Fly to San Blas or choose a Road Transfer?

Entering San Blas by air gives you the perfect start for your vacation. The plane flies over the jungle and then over the cays of San Blas prior to landing right next to the catamaran. No need for long tedious water taxi transfer. The captain will be waiting for you at the runway with the catamaran dinghy.


You can depart from Albrook international airport at 7:30 AM, 8:00 AM or whichever time we agree on, we will adapt your catamaran charter itinerary You may also, very conveniently and for those guests flying international, use Tocumen International airport for one or both legs of your flights.

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*** Direct Flights from Tocumen International Airport to San Blas


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