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Dutch Cays San Blas

What is there to Do in the San Blas Islands?

The archipelago of the San Blas islands offers a unparalleled opportunity for families and groups of friends to enjoy a unique vacation in a completely safe and an out-of-this-world context.


Onboard you will find all the water toys and gear you will need such as paddle boards, kayaks, snorkelling equipment and a smaller boat with  an engine for all the excursions and activities you will be presented with. Some catamarans such as both our Salina 48s even carry seabobs or water scooters free to use which can be not only quite fun but also very handy if you want to extend your snorkelling sessions.

San Blas best snorkelling
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Unlike in other Caribbean destinations where all the  gear is optional, we in San Blas do not rent our water toys and they are already included in your charter experience.


Don’t feel active? simply relax on the spacious and comfortable deck while you read a book, or contemplate the scenery while sipping a delicious pina colada.

Traveling with kids is not only possible but absolutely recommended. Kids will enjoy every minute of the sailing trip in this small part of the Caribbean.

Most visited and Instagram-famous islands such as Isla Perro, Isla Pelicano, Robenson Island, and Chichime are indeed charming, but not necessarily the most beautiful and idyllic of the San Blas region. These well known locations are simply easy to access with a local land based tour. Our sailing areas, unless requested by guests, don’t cover these islands mentioned, we mainly sail through the most isolated, untouched and natural part of the Dutch Cays, Coco Bandero Cays and Cambombia area, "paradise within paradise".

Visiting the islands and meeting the Guna indigenous and their traditional way of living is definitely a must, we accompany you to their tiny huts and island villages if you so desire. Some of our catamarans have a Guna indigenous as part of the crew which not only greatly benefits the local communities but also helps in opening the doors to the deep and most authentic San Blas.

Embarking with the right crew with profound knowledge of the area is also key in the San Blas islands sailing trips. Our crew not only knows San Blas like the back of their hand but most importantly LOVE their job. 

*** Guna Indigenous Mythology: San Blas is not Only Beaches and Palm Trees
*** Internet on board

*** What not to do in the San Blas islands


Top 10 activities not to miss in the San Blas islands

  1. Stop by the famous BBQ island

  2. Indulge in swimming in the pool and dedicate half a day to exploring the near islands

  3. Enjoy dining at any of the islands that comprise the Dutch cays

  4. Go snorkeling at the outer reef of Coco Bandero Cays

  5. Experience a bonfire in Cambombia

  6. Purchase some of the finest Molas (local crafts) to take home

  7. Explore the jungle trail with Lisa, who is a master at Mola making

  8. Tour the tight-knit local communities situated near the shore

  9. Visit Jose's household and spend some quality time with his family on Maoqui island (Dutch Cays)

  10. Try out night fishing from the catamaran

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