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Partner up with Catamaran Adventures San Blas

We are actively looking to partner up with other local or international players in the market or with individuals that simply want to put their boat for charter in San Blas. 


 Now is the time 



With calm waters and mild weather throughout the whole year, we believe San Blas can develop into a world class charter destination that retains what has been lost in other famous locations: a perfectly preserved natural environment in a totally safe and culturally enticing context.

San Blas does not only attract pure sailors or charter enthusiasts, but also families and groups of friends with no previous sailing experience that want to live a different type of vacation. This region has a much broader visitor spectrum than the typical charter destination.

As with any other mostly unexplored charter destination, we face challenges ahead but like we say "at the end, everything here works and it does so in a very unique way". Anyhow, with more than 12 years exclusively offering our services in this archipelago, we simply know how to leverage our connections and comfortably navigate the new regulatory framework, logistics and deep planning necessary.

Partner up with us if you are:

- Charter company or fleet operator willing to expand into other areas or an investor
Charter agent and need expand your catalog of destinations and services.

- Sole operators/yacht owners wishing to put their boat up for charter in San Blas.

- Looking to buy a new catamaran and put it up for charter in San Blas.

 +1 (954) 982-8530, also whatsapp: +1 (386) 320-5290 

Partner up

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