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How's the Weather in the San Blas islands?

The weather in San Blas is not exactly like the rest of Panama.


San Blas weather is tropical but at the same time quite unique and peculiar due mostly to its location within the Caribbean and the blowing Trade Winds. Other Caribbean sailing destinations like the BVI, Saint Marteen, Antigua and Barbuda, the Grenadines, Grenada etc... also have the Trade Winds blowing, the only difference is that this other areas, unlike Panama and San Blas, they do have a hurricane season to avoid and that is from June to November.

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Sailing the San Blas islands and embarking on a catamaran cruise is possible year round and there is not really an out of season period. Dry and wet seasons are defined for most of the Caribbean, but for San Blas there is another season in between those two.

That 3rd season covers the months after the dry season:

  1. December - April: dry season with no rain and sunny skies, moderate to strong wind. Water visibility in the windiest days is affected. Tourists love the dry season, also known as the high season in San Blas.

  2. May - August: 3rd season, December to August. Variable weather with occasional short duration rain showers and light wind. Perfect water visibility for snorkeling. Low tourism and boats.

  3. September -November: wet season, rain and cloud coverage. If rain is constant which most of the time is not, water visibility can be partly affected by the muddy water flowing from the rivers. Very light wind and no tourist or boats.

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