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Are the San Blas Islands Safe? Security In San Blas, Panama

San Blas is the safest region within Panama and that is because all communities are tightly administered by the Guna Indigenous. Safe travel and no security issues are the norm.

In previous posts we analyzed why traveling to San Blas and embarking on a catamaran tour in this part of the Caribbean can be done in a basically shielded way and now we feel the need to clarify certain aspects concerning your travel to Guna Yala region that make your San Blas sailing trip a totally safe and trouble-free experience.

The fact that Central America and countries such as Panama have never had good publicity, make choosing a vacation in a relatively unknown destination such as San Blas seem an intrepid act. It is not. Traveling to the San Blas Islands and embarking on a catamaran charter is totally safe and we can explain why.

The autonomous region of Kuna Yala (San Blas) is an independent territory that bears distinct attributes with that of Panama or Central America.

Guna Yala people are simple, nature loving and welcoming with no intention other than going on with their daily life in their Paradise, engaging in their traditions and living as a great big family.

Guna Indigenous

The fact that the region is almost 100% inhabited with Guna indigenous and administered by the Congreso General and the tribe chiefs of each community, make any intrusion from outside in the area be easily spotted and subsequently dealt with. At present days many communities in the San Blas region live of tourism directly or indirectly, hence security is taken very seriously.

Nothing escapes to the eye of the indigenous families and communities. To travelers and outsiders it may seem like Gunas are into their daily routine simply fishing or engaging in their traditional ways, but reality, and that is something you can only perceive if you actually live in the region, is that all (good or bad) is known and that is what makes this land a totally secure vacation destination.

Unlike other Caribbean destinations and specially certain spots in the West indies with rampant crime, where no-go zones or unsafe anchorages are plenty-full and there is a list of precautions and warnings have to be considered if you rent a catamaran or hire a yacht, the whole region of San Blas is free to roam without having to exercise any particular precaution.

Transfers in and out of the region are done privately which leaves no chance for any security issue to arise. No complications or security difficulties throughout our many years of service show San Blas is a place to simply let down your guard and fully enjoy the experience.

There are more than 360 islands and cays in the San Blas archipelago. Yes, the whole archipelago is totally safe from crime and outside interference. Feel free to sail all the islands!

Being prudent in your daily life is a normal act, also if you decide to travel. There are various tips you can simply look up and consider, but most important is to exercise common sense and be human.

San Blas is a crime free, totally secure and safe destination for your next sailing holidays in the Caribbean. Choose your catamaran experience in San Blas, choose sailing San Blas and the many islands. Contact us for your next perfect sailing holidays in Paradise!

One of the paradise islands you can visit in San Blas on our catamarans

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