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Direct Flights from Tocumen International Airport to San Blas

As an option, you can now catch your private flight to San Blas directly from the international airport in Panama, thus avoiding having to change airports, saving time and not having to endure land transfer/traffic related annoyances.

Flying to San Blas is super easy nowadays.

With this new option, you can catch your flight to San Blas in a simple process right there at the international airport.

Connecting from San Blas to the international airport for your flight back home is also an option.

Tocumen International PTY

Corazon de Jesus airport/landing strip

Is it possible to come to Panama only to visit San Blas on a catamaran cruise and do it without even having to visit Panama City?

It is indeed possible, you just have to let us know in advance and we will notify the airline to send the private plane from Albrook local airport to Tocumen international to pick you up directly from your gate upon arrival and provide assistance to escort you to the private part of Tocumen International where the plane for San Blas will be waiting for you.

How long is the process of transferring from my international flight to the private flight to San Blas?

One you step out of your international flight you will be picked up by the agents that will take care of your luggage and accompany you to the location of your plane. Whole process from plane to plane is under 30 minutes.

What if I only want this option on one leg of the trip?

Three scenarios are possible:

  • All you want from your visit to Panama is to go on a catamaran cruise in San Blas: we will setup the service both ways so that you will go from Tocumen to San Blas and San Blas to Tocumen.

  • You want to go straight from the international airport to San Blas, but after your catamaran charter in San Blas, you want to stay in Panama City or travel somewhere elses in Panama: in this case we will setup a direct connection from Tocumen to San Blas and San Blas to Albrook local airport in Panama City.

  • You have programmed the visit to San Blas for the last part of your vacation in Panama and would like to fly back to your country directly from San Blas: in this case we will setup a direct connection from Albrook local airport in Panama City to San Blas and San Blas to Tocumen with enough time to connect with your outbound flight

What times should my international inbound and outbound flights be in order to be able to connect with the flight to San Blas?

Private flights to/from San Blas are not allowed to fly when dark, that means:

  • inbound international flights landing time in Tocumen airport should not be later than 14.00 pm

  • outbound international flights departing time from Tocumen airport not earlier than 11:30 AM

Take that info into consideration when booking your international flights to/from Panama.

How much does the option cost:

Two supplements added to the flight cost:

  • $300/private plane for the transfer of the aircraft and wait

  • $75/person for Tocumen international tax

How do you book your plane from Tocumen International Airport to San Blas:

Simply let us know your international flight times upon your catamaran reservation and we will setup this option in the leg(s) of the trip you need it.

Conclusion: it is possible use Tocumen international and skip Albrook local, it increases the cost of your flights to/from San Blas but in some cases it might the right option.


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