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Flights from Panama City to San Blas: Ultimate Guide

Flights from Panama City to San Blas have become increasingly popular mainly due to the cuts in costs. In this guide we cover the ins and outs of flying to San Blas.

Private plane landing in San Blas

Needless to say that flying to San Blas is the right option in most cases and that a yacht charter in the San Blas islands is definitely improved when choosing a flight transfer over of a road transfer.

Top 5 reasons why flying to San Blas is highly advisable:

  • Flying time is 40 minutes instead of the 4- 5 hour road/water taxi transfers

  • Depart location can be Albrook local or Tocumen international as an option

  • Fly in and you skip the road and water taxi which is not comfortable for some

  • Landing at Corazon de Jesus is a stone throw away from the Cays. Coming in by road and water taxi puts you 2 hours sail away from the tip of Dutch Cays

  • Costs of flying is down compared to previous years

Runway in el Porvenir

Where do you catch the plane for San Blas?

Albrook local airport which is in Panama City or Tocumen international airport as an option which is nice because you can get to San Blas without having to change airports

Where do flights land?

Corazon de Jesus and el Porvenir

Which of the 2 landing locations is the best?

We prefer Corazon de Jesus because it is an easy reach to the Cays but we could fly to el Porvenir at times if needed

How long are the flights to San Blas Corazon de Jesus or el Porvenir?

40 minutes

What times do private flights to San Blas depart?

Since they are private, they can take off at any time you decide. ALthough 6-8 AM flights are the standard and we prefer our guests to leave to San Blas early morning,we can always adapt to whatever time in the day. Note that the airports in San Blas do not have lights and flying in and out must be done during daylight.

Is it safe to fly to San Blas?

Some of our guests are generally afraid of flying in small private planes. It goes without saying that the air industry in Panama is 100% regulated and inspections are implemented as they would be back in the US or any other western country. With no flying issues on record, we can determine that flights to San Blas are totally safe.

Are the flights to San Blas private or shared?

Flights are private. Regular airlines such as Air Panama do not fly to San Blas, only small private planes do.

How do I go from the airport in San Blas to the catamaran?

The captain of the catamaran will be waiting for you next to the runway and will take you onboard using the dinghy on a short 2 minute ride.

Is weight a problem when catching a private flight to San Blas?

It can. you have to pack light and observe the weight limits on the plane booked

How much does it cost to fly to San Blas?

Check prices in our dedicated page for Flights to San Blas here We can include all private flight costs in our services, this way you will receive from us both the catamaran charter and private flights confirmations along with all the practical info you will need.

How do you book the flight to San Blas?

Simply send us your total personal and luggage weigh along with your names and passports. We will take care of the rest.

San Blas Islands Yacht charters

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