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What to Pack for your San Blas Sailing Trip

Our recommendation is always the same: pack light, you do not need much to explore the San Blas islands. Light clothes, including swimwear, hat and sunglasses, flip flops and a book are the essentials.

Prepping for a San Blas Catamaran Charter and such a unique sailing experience can be a tough task as you need to balance between packing light due to the limited space available on your private plane transfer, your catamaran (yes, our catamarans in San Blas are big but they are still boats...), and ensuring you have all the necessities for your yacht charter.

If you are booking a private flight, yo may leave part of the luggage at the airline. This is a free service and it will help you shed off some weight that will help both with your plane maximum weight requirement and to make you life easier on board your catamaran. When choosing a road transfer you must carry all your luggage along.

San Blas Islands Sailing
Not much is needed in San Blas

We've determined the main apparel items necessary and incorporated them in our San Blas sailing trip packing list. We know that everyone has unique needs but this list caters to the essentials.

Packing List for the San Blas Islands


  • T-Shirts (between 2 – 3, depending on the length of your charter)

  • Shorts/Skirts (2 – 3, depending on the length of your charter)

  • Swimwear (2)

  • A sweatshirt or cardigan (for cooler evenings)

  • Flip flops, sandals

Bio Friendly Toiletries

  • Sunblock (oil-free), not tanning oil (oil-based products stain wood, fabrics, and other decking)

  • Lip balm

  • Toothpaste, and toothbrush

  • Any required medications (they have first aid kits on board most yachts)

Miscellaneous Items.

  • Waterproof phone case

  • Playing cards or other small travel games

  • Books to read

  • A small bag for using when disembarking at an island

  • Notebook for writing (if desired)

  • Your special snack

  • Hat/cap

  • Sunglasses

  • Sim card from Panama if you need to have full Internet

Must Bring Items

  • Passport for everyone onboard

  • Travel insurance documentation if you have one

  • Cash in USD, $40/person is more than enough in case you want to buy some molas or go for a beer at shore.

Items to Consider Leaving at Home

  • Excess amounts of makeup

  • Cooking equipment/ food/drinks (this is included on the yacht)

  • Large speakers

  • Any Large electronics such as big laptops

  • Any fancy/flashy clothing, (blend in with the natural surrounding as much as possible and nature’s magic will unfold)

  • Hair dryer

  • High heeled shoes, you will not use them in Paradise

  • A large first aid kit (boats have these onboard)

  • Life vests: all boats have enough

  • Any inflatable, our catamarans already have their own water toys included


Once you have made your choices on what to bring for your San Blas Sailing Adventure, the next step is to find the perfect bag to accommodate all your belongings. It is strongly recommended to avoid using a hard suitcase, as it occupies a significant amount of space in the cabin. Instead, opt for a soft suitcase that can be easily folded down to a flat shape. Duffle bags, soft cases with wheels, backpacks, or any other type of soft luggage are all excellent options.

We repeat, keep it simple, you do not need much in Paradise.

Less is more.

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