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Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a Catamaran Instead of a Monohull for Your Next Sailing Holidays

When embarking on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean or elsewhere, choosing the correct type of boat to sail is your first important mission and part of your basic planning.

Determining the correct boat for your next sailing holidays is one of the first tasks you will have to go through while on the reservation process.

For years the rule was: the bigger the monohull boat, the better. The appearance on the market of various types multihulls and catamarans was definitely a turning point in the sailing charter industry, and one that lead to disappearance of obsolete conceptions of what a sailing vacation should be.

Let’s be clear: you are on vacations in the San Blas islands with your friends or family, you probably had to fly from your home country and lived through all the stress at the airports and necessary transfers to reach your final destination, you are in a different country with different language and customs and immersed in the process of getting adapted to the situation; the last thing you need is to board a sailing vessel that is not comfortable enough or for any reasom not what you had expected. You are simply not up for a a regatta and need to relax, enjoy the view, be comfortable and feel safe. You know your vacation will unfold once this circumstances are present.

Catamaran Adventures San Blas is specialised in private catamaran sailing vacations in San Blas. These are the top 5 reasons why choosing a catamaran for sailing San Blas might be the right choice for you and your family or friends.

  • Privacy: each of the cabins provided is separated both from the rest of the guests and from the crew. Some of our catamarans bear a fly bridge or semi-fly bridge which clearly keeps lounging and sailing areas separated, added to that is the existence of the rear cockpit that gives guests the privacy that does not exist in a traditional monohull.

  • No healing means that catamarans are the best choice for those who get seasick and travel with kids, or simply for those that want for be freed from any type of uncomfortable situation while at sail.

  • Having 2 hulls means double the space. The layout of modern construction catamarans and recent developments in construction techniques have led to the appearance of boats that are more like floating homes with sails and that provide total comfort and are the perfect platform for your next holidays.

  • Easy and fast sailing: a faster boat is not only good for reaching the outer cays faster and easier, but also important for security reasons. Speed is needed if you don’t want to get caught in that squall you see on the horizon... San Blas has great weather almos all- year-round, but still, why would you want yo get caught by that local storm when you can sail away at 15 knots to another location with good weather?

  • Water toys: plenty of deck space means more water toys onboard and easier to launch them. Our catamarans include the water toys you need; kayaks, paddle boards and snorkeling gear at your disposal and free to use.

We could go on and on about the benefits of sailing a catamaran in San Blas but for now we will just leave it there...

We love catamarans 💙 they make life at sea possible.

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