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Is Starlink Internet Available in San Blas?

We will be gradually including to our catamarans charters in San Blas, at no extra cost, the much awaited broadband internet access Starlink.

Who needs internet in Paradise? truth is, some of us do... and that includes not only our crew and Guna associates but also our guests for reasons such as communicating with family, keeping up with work or the occasional quick browse of "real" news.

Starlink in San Blas

Access to high speed internet in San Blas was for years limited mostly by the lack of operational cell towers around the area and the occasional black outs caused by thunderstorms and heavy weather.

We cruisers and charter operators felt special in San Blas and for years we tried to leave fast internet access well away from our catamarans, until now. We admit we were wrong or at least partially.

Providing Starlink fast internet access in our yachts in San Blas is partly because we firmly believe that it will be used properly given the overwhelming beauty in front of you and all of the aternative activities you will be propposed.

Who needs Internet here?

Our internet access comes at no extra cost and will be gradually implemented on a selected list of our catamarans in San Blas. So far and in the coming days, we have our Salina 48, Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 42 ready to start offering free broadband internet access.

Remember to use the internet wisely and prioritise real over the reel, specially in Paradise.


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