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Is there Internet in the San Blas Islands?

Yes there is, but not everywhere. Dutch Cays and BBQ islands or the Pool for example do not have internet nor cellular signal or the quality of the service is extremely poor. Check our internet coverage map and be prepared for your next catamaran charter in the San Blas islands.

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Internet and cellular coverage in the San Blas islands does not include all parts of the Guna Yala region There are very few antenas and the ones there are, do not reach the whole archipelago . When booking your next San Blas islands sailing charter and if you require internet onboard for work purposes, or simply for a way of being in touch with the "real world", please let us know in advance and we will adapt our itinerary to meet your connectivity demand.

Below is a signal coverage map to know which islands in San Blas have internet available

Our catamaran sailing charters in the San Blas islands have internet which is mostly provided by our captains hotspot and it can be used by our guests but limitations in data transfer imposed by local operators limit substantially the amount of data our hotspots can deliver.

The absolute best for being connected to the internet is to buy a Tigo sim card and top it up with an internet plan once in Panama. it's extremely cheap and you will have full internet for just a few $. You can buy sim cards very easily in any conveniente shop in the streets of Panama City. Do not buy sim cards at the airport arrival, they inflate the price there.

You also have roaming in San Blas if your phone is configured for that matter. Do check with your home operator for roaming tariffs

No internet in Dutch Cays or Cayos Holandeses in San Blas, but who cares.....!!!!

Catamaran Adventures San Blas.


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