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San Blas Panama Sailing, All Year Round Destination: Not A Hurricane Zone

One important issue when planning where to vacation in the Caribbean in an all inclusive vacations in the summer months must be ensuring that your destination is well out of the hurricane zone.

No destination is without at least one drawback, and in the case of the Caribbean, this drawback is hurricane season.

Typically running from June 1 to November 30, the Atlantic Hurricane Season has been known to put quite a damper on many vacationers and cruisers on the Caribbean Islands. The unpredictability of the hurricane season also means there are great deals on travel to the Caribbean during these months since even the best all inclusive resorts and top rated Caribbean all inclusive vacations tend to lower rates to attract clients, but be very careful with these offers and specially on the locations offered to you.

Panama is one of your best Caribbean getaways and a region that is out of the hurricane zone; more importantly, San Blas has never had a recorded hit by a Hurricane as the top map shows.

Choose wisely: best holiday destinations Caribbean.

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