Is San Blas a Tourist Trap?

Definitely not, but exercise caution when booking your sailing charter and get informed. Having a bad experience and being trapped while on a cruise can be annoying to say the least.

When traveling to such a destination as the San Blas islands and given the peculiarity of the area, many things can occur, one of them is being landlocked on an island that has the scent of a tourist trap and will most probably have music blasting through most of the day and night..

Why visit the touron-filled islands close to the land entrance and port such as the islands in Cayo Limon of Pelicano, Chichime, Banedup, Elefante when you can sail the outer cays including Dutch Cays and Coco Bandero thus avoiding any crowds and submerging in the sheer beauty of the tropical islands of San Blas.

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