Rio Sidra’s Jungle Waterfall Hike: Join Lisa, the Master Mola Maker

This land-based option is practically the only land tour that is relatively easy to engage in and is the perfect add-on to your yacht charter in the San Blas islands, Panama

We are offering this little half day adventure to all of our San Blas charter guests coming to Kuna Yala for holidays, no matter the season.

We often guest asked what else is there to do while sailing the San Blas islands. Yes, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling in the reefs, meeting the interesting kuna locals and getting to know their culture is fun, but what about the adjacent jungle that can be seen not so far away from the anchorages? Is there a possibility to venture into it and explore it in a safe manner?

Now there is a way to change scenery, and Lisa the master mola maker, chief and leading heroine, will be your guide: