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What is The Best San Blas Family-Friendly Catamaran Charter?

A large enough catamaran to accommodate all the party in their own cabins, an all inclusive service with the most water toys possible, a professional crew and swift transfers are the basic features to look out for before booking your San Blas cruise and sailing trip with your family.

When it comes to destination, the San Blas islands are basically off the charts in regards to natural and unspoiled beauty.

With more than 365 islands, this archipelago offers many possibilities for many types of travelers, Nature lovers, travel buffs, beach enthusiasts and even culturally motivated travelers wishing to learn more from the authentic and unspoiled Guna Culture.

When it comes to family travel, there are certain aspects to take into consideration before committing to a sailing vacation and catamaran holiday in the San Blas islands.

We are going to make this very simple with the following 4 points.

Aspects to consider before booking a family-friendly catamaran charter in the San Blas islands:

  1. Size matters: every foot of a catamaran counts. As an example, a 42 feet catamaran is way smaller that a 48 catamaran, even though it is only 6 feet more in length. Let's face it, a boat is a boat, and it can get crowded and uncomfortable depending on the number of guests. Do not book a huge catamaran, there is no need, give us some input regarding your family size and let us guide you.

  2. Water toys: it is not enough to have 2 kayaks onboard. That was in the old times. Now, catamarans must have other water toys in order to keep the children and whole family engaged at all times. Paddle boards, sea bobs, the occasional underwater drone for those times in between activities. Remember: No scuba diving in San Blas

  3. Crew, crew, crew. You need a professional team and one that knows how to stay in their place, giving you space privacy but at the same time offering each individual of the family what they need in the form of activities and guidance. Having the right crew, amongst other factors, also ensures versatility in the food served and tailoring the menus for "picky eaters".

  4. Consider taking a private plane in and out and if possible, do not let your family endure a 5 hour road transfer to the catamarans. Regardless of what road transfer agency says. Land transfers, counting the waiting times at customs, the ports and the water taxi is not less than 5 hours. Private flights to San Blas are 40 minutes.

A well served private catamaran charter in the San Blas islands must ensure peace and relaxation to everyone in your family and at the same time satisfying their own and unique expectations.


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