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Exploring the Crystal Waters: a Compact Guide to Summer Sailing in San Blas

Embarking on a summer voyage through the San Blas islands in Panama has numerous advantages making it a compelling choice for a sailboat vacation and Caribbean Adventure.

Unlike other parts of the Caribbean that occasionally get hit by hurricanes and other extreme weather during the summer months, the San Blas islands are far from the reach of hurricanes and are not affected by any violent weather eppisode.

Here's a rundown of some of the strong advantages for chartering a catamaran in San Blas during the summer:

Pleasant Climate: The Caribbean region of San Blas boasts consistently warm temperatures throughout the year. In summer, the temperatures usually fluctuate between 23ºC and 30ºC. This permits an abundance of sunlight and the ability to leisurely cruise through light sea breezes. The balmy waters of the region are also an excellent setting for swimming and snorkelling. Chartering a catamaran with A/C in San Blas is possible nowadays, ask for this if any in your group is sensitive to heat or heat bothers your sleep.

San Blas catamaran charter
Sunny weather and excellent water visibility

Ideal Sailing Winds: The San Blas is not a sailors Meca due to the mild and easy conditions. The archipelago is renowned for its mild trade winds, near around 5-15 knots originating from the east. Such winds create the perfect and easy sailing environment, simplifying navigation between the numerous islands and aiding exploration of diverse locations.

San Blas sailing
Smooth cruising conditions

Less Crowds: High season in the Caribbean typically falls between December and April, attracting a large number of tourists. However, sailing during the summer offers a chance to experience fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere. You can find quieter anchorages and have more space to explore the islands at your own pace

Tourist free islands and cays in San Blas
No boats in sight

Gorgeous Beaches, yes, even more... : San Blas is well-known for its breathtaking beaches crystal-clear oceans and abundant marine life. Sailing in the summertime allows you to find more "off the beaten track" beaches where you can experience even greater seclusion and peace.

Paradise island in San Blas archipelago
San Blas, a real off the beaten path destination

Fantastic species: A wide variety of marine life and exotic species may be found in the the Caribbean side of Panama. During a summer sailing voyage, there are many possibilities to view wildlife, including tropical fish, sea turtles, rays, dolphins and nurse sharks. Bonito, a fish delicacy, are more active during summer and will most probably be in your dish.

Marine life in San Blas. Swimming with Nurse sharks, also know as Sleeping sharks in the San Blas islands
Marine life in San Blas

Overall, a sailboat trip in the San Blas islands during the summer offers a unique and rewarding experience, allowing you to discover the beauty of the islands, enjoy fantastic weather, and create lasting memories on your sailing adventure.


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