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Eyes for Guna Yala  November 2024

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Why Guna Yala?

The geographical location of Guna Yala and the main communities in the islands present access difficulties due to the poor infrastructure and at some point lack of overall resources.


Specific health care by the Guna local residents is limited by those factors.

Carti island in San Blas

Why do we do this?

Catamaran Adventures San Blas has sailed the Guna Yala region for over 12 years. Throughout these years we have been able to bond with local communities and understand their needs.


We have employed local Guna Yala residents and systematically contribute to their economies in various ways.


Now we are ready to go one step further. 


We believe It is not only ethical but also imperative to support local indigenous communities even more, addressing their specific needs and challenges faced.

Guna indigenous residents in the Guna Yala independent region, including all age groups deserve the opportunity to have the best possible vision and eye health.

Crewed catamaran vacations San Blas

Our Mission

Working with eye care professionals to enhance and provide ophthalmic education, with special focus on low-resource and underserved communities in the San Blas islands. 


We commit to strengthening ophthalmic education, with the ultimate goal of improving eyecare and advancing the preservation and restoration of vision for all.


In coordination with local authorities, we will reach the maximum number of local residents on the main communities closer to shore, providing diagnosis and recommendations as well as any care needed.

Who will be targeted?

Anyone in the communities, all ages.

Guna Yala Foundation


We will use a Salina 48 feet catamaran to both accommodate personnel and perform the eye checks and prescriptions.


We will sail from community to community and anchor close to them in order to board the most patients possible. Our Salina 48 catamaran has a very shallow draft which makes it the perfect vessel to approach this endaevour.

Salina 48 catamaran

Our team of 6 professionals: Join us!

Captain:  Filled position

Cook:  Filled position

Deckhand:  Filled position

Ophthalmologist Volunteer: Vacant, Apply  Here

Photographer  Filled position

Blogger/Journalist Volunteer: Vacant, Apply  Here

What resources will be donated


  • Diagnoses and corresponding glasses if needed.

  • Catamaran as operational base, all expenses in San Blas, food, diesel, gasoline, road transfers for all crew members. Catamaran Adventures San Blas will cover all expenses derived from the operation in San Blas.

We accept donations, funds or of any nature. Get in touch with us if you are interested.

Foundation Catamaran Adventures

What islands are in the itinerary?

Major communities of the Guna Yala Region during 7 days


Day1 - Carti

Day1- Aquadub

Day 2 - Soledad Miria

Day 3 - Rio Sidra

Day 4 - Corazon de Jesus

Day 5 - 6 Dutch Cays

Day 7- Debriefing. exit Lemon Cays

Let’s do this  together

Type of Collaboration
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