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Is Scuba Diving Allowed in San Blas?

Diving is not allowed in the San Blas islands, other alternative activities such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking or plane relaxing under a coconut tree are the best options included on a catamaran cruise and private yacht charter.

The Guna Yala region, ruled by the Congreso basically does not allow Scuba diving nor kitesurfing in its waters.

Congreso Guna: the ruling party in San Blas

There are some operators in the area that have tried to offer these services only to be swiftly removed from the area and fined. Do not attempt to interfere with authorities in this independent region and follow the recommendations of the local captain. Stay away from booking a scuba diving trip in the San Blas islands, if found, it will have a great chance of being cancelled or what’s worst, encounter troubles with local authorities.

Congreso meeting in El Porvenir island

Scuba diving in San Blas is not seen with good eyes from the local authorities because in the past, this activity has been used to harvest crustaceans and fish.

The goals of the Marine Reserve of Guna Yala are:

- Restore fish populations of commercial interest, and by "commercial interest" we mean supplying our catamaran charters with the freshest catch of the day.

- Protect marine biodiversity and critical habitats.

- Favor adaptation to climate change by protecting habitats and species responsible for fixing and storing carbon in the sea.

Fishing from catamarans is also not allowed but prohibitions are not enforced in our catamarans due to our long standing relation of over 12 years with the local population. Night fishing directly from the catamaran is not only possible but also a great way to spend the evenings alongside your pina colada.

Salina 48 in San Blas
Whether night fishing with a pina colada or just enjoying the views, we give you the best catamarans in the San Blas islands and an exclusive service tailored for your needs

Thanks to our dedication to the community and our enduring and strong relationship with the Guna, we are able to provide you with access to unique spots in San Blas and mind-bending experiences.

Maoqui island in Dutch Cays
Prepare to be amazed as we sail towards Maoqui island, where we will have the privilege of meeting Jose's family. Jose, our Guna indigenous deckhand, will be our cultural ambassador throughout this incredible journey. Get ready for an unforgettable cultural shock that will broaden your horizons!

Oh, did we mention we have added an underwater drone to our Salina 48 "Mambo Diablo" in San Blas? the perfect (underwater) toy to explore the waters around the catamaran from the comfort of the cockpit. It is not the same as Scuba diving but it sure is lot of fun.

Underwater drone of the Salina 48 Mambo Diablo in San Blas
Our underwater drone in our Salina 48 catamaran is for you to enjoy at no extra cost, same as the seabobs, kayaks and paddleboards on board.

By following the guidance of local operators along with local authorities, and respecting conservation efforts, visitors can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of San Blas's underwater world responsibly and sustainably.

Whether exploring vibrant coral reefs, encountering marine life, or discovering shipwrecks, sailing in San Blas offers an unforgettable experience for enthusiasts while contributing to the preservation of this pristine marine ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

San Blas Catamaran Cruise and Yacht Charters.


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