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Is my Sailing Trip in the San Blas Islands Worth Insuring? : Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance companies offer different plans for insuring your yacht vacations, they may typically charge you 5 to 10 percent of your trip cost. Please consider insurance for your trip when there is any doubt or risk on your side.

Lockdowns, border closures and flight cancellations in the past have all contributed to creating the post-pandemic anxiety which many of us still feel and will carry along for years to come. The risks of booking your catamaran vacations while Covid spread were evident at one point in 2020 and made some of our guests overwhelmed and stressed. Now with the vaccine becoming increasingly available, the travel industry is returning to normal, and so are we.

All inclusive sailing charters and flights associated with the trip, can add up to a couple of thousand USD. Consider being covered just in case anything does not go well on your side or a force majeure cause arrises.

Nature of trip cancellations:

On your side: Injury or illness prior to your trip. Sickness and injury are the top reasons for cancelling a trip, there are other minor ones such as jury duty or military deployment. Please consider insurance depending on your medical record and condition. We’ve had guests that had suffered small cuts from corals and other minor injuries that have been treated with the onboard medical kit. No major health conditions recorded once on board, just the typical drinking-related injuries, al fault of the magnificent Abuelo rum.

On our side:

Cancellations derived for reasons on our side are basically non-existent. Once the reservation is set, charter will go through. If we were to encounter a technical failure on your assigned catamaran, we would simply upgrade you at no extra cost. We will reduce the price accordingly if the catamaran we offer you is smaller in length. Booking with a reputable charter company, rather than single amateur boats, definitely has benefits.

Force majeure:

San Blas is not in the way of hurricanes and therefore is an all-year-round sailing destination. Forget about any cancellation derived from tropical storms or hurricanes because it simply does not happen. Yes, there are some months when rain can be a little too persistent but never strong enough to completely cancel your sailing trip in the San Blas islands. No earthquakes and no natural disasters ever recorded in Panama. Covid related reasons for cancelling your trip are covered with our free cancellation clause launched in 2020


When purchasing trip insurance for your catamaran charter in the San Blas Islands, please make sure that the policy you choose provides coverage for your insurance needs. This may include:

  • Medical coverage

  • Delayed or canceled flights

  • Lost or damaged luggage

  • If you need to cancel the trip for any reason


Trip cancellation insurance should reimburse you 100% for what you lose in deposits.

Please Google "travel insurance international" or for example head directly to Allianz travel insurance or go to SquareMouth to compare the different insurance companies available. We are not associated in any way with this insurance company or website.


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