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Best Luxury Hotels In San Blas Islands Panama?

Land based accommodation in the San Blas islands is not abundant. Hotels or resorts in San Blas are quite basic due to the limited development of the region and the difficulty in provisioning and communications.

This unique and vast archipelago does host a few island "resorts and hotels", which due to the quality of the service and overall standards are mostly dedicated to budget travelers and backpackers. Take that into consideration prior to deciding between an all inclusive crewed catamaran vacation and a hotel vacation.

Basic accommodation in San Blas

The definition of luxury hotel is not exactly interpreted and addressed in the same way throughout the world. Providing guests a luxurious accommodation experience as well as tailored services adapted to the location and its possibilities must be provided in order to meet excellence.

Hotels in San Blas offer minimum amenities and services and that is due both to the limitation in the infrastructure of the San Blas region and the different criteria between indigenous and western "comfort" standards.

Typical island in San Blas Zone 1

What is the best accommodation in San Blas: a Sailing holiday or a land-based holiday?

Choosing a sailing holiday in the Caribbean and specially navigating through the more than 350 islands and Cays of the San Blas islands opens the door to a unique and diverse experience with huge possibilities.

Why would you specifically choose an island and hotel in San Blas when there is so much to discover in the rest of the islands and Cays?

Sailing San Blas offers the possibility of visiting a new island, cay or anchorage every day of your trip. Sailing holidays in San Blas mean total freedom with your schedule and itinerary.

In our following posts we will cover the recurring topic of Sailing holidays vs. land-based holidays and we will analyse from a global perspective the different advantages of either embarking on a crewed sailing vacation or choosing a hotel for your stay.

Here is the list of hotels in San Blas:

El Porvenir hotel which is the island located on the West of the bay of San Blas offers basic accommodation as well as meals and basic water tours.

The island of Waisalatup in the Lemon Cays has a few basic cabanas. This is a 45 minute water taxi transfer from main land.

Mola Nega in the island of Cagantupo also in the Lemon Cays offers private accommodation and water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking in the nearby reefs.

Anchoring in Lemon Cays

Wailidup island in Niatupo has some recently built cabanas and cant host a large number of guests if so needed.

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