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5 Reasons for Sailing San Blas With Kids

Embarking on a catamaran cruise in the Caribbean can be an enriching experience for all members of the family, specially for kids.

When choosing the next holiday with our family, one must consider the benefits it will bring to our loved ones and how that experience will integrate in their memories and subsequently in their view of life.

We are often asked if renting a catamaran in San Blas and bringing along kids is the best thing to do. Our answer is always a big "YES", kids will enjoy every minute of the sailing trip in this small and unique part of the Caribbean.

Swimming/snorkeling in crystal clear waters is a daily routine

Unlike some of us adults..., kids are more open and able to blend in faster to new situations thus making their sailing vacations an amazing experience.

San Blas sailing on a Catamaran Cruise: discover paradise with your family

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a San Blas Yacht Charter with kids:

  1. Stretch their imagination: kids need to navigate outside their comfort zone from time to time, they need to face new challenges and develop the necessary skills for new perspectives to be born.

  2. Daily adventure: jumping on to a paddle board and going snorkelling to the adjacent reefs is a unique adventure. Seabobs included in our Salina 48 are an absolute favorite for kids . Kayak cruising and venturing out to the islands around the boat will help them meet other Kuna kids, play new games and learn the simple, yet totally valid way of life. Some children are naturally adventurous and may need to be given more boundaries and others may be more reluctant and need more coaxing, either way, the captain and crew will provide a list of possible activities so that the parents can decide on the most suited for their kids. Working out fears is also an interesting aspect that kids (and parents) are faced with while on a San Blas catamaran cruise.

  3. Balanced life: computer time takes up much on our kids daily life. Once on board, this screen time will be greatly reduced even if you don’t apply limits to the use of their mobiles, iPads, etc.

  4. Patience: mother nature has a habit of delaying many outdoor activities and in this peculiar place in the tropics, nature is strong enough to teach kids the importance of waiting for the wind to die down, a rain episode to pass or a tide to pass. Practicing patience for conditions to turn favorable is very important in a world where instant gratification is prevalent. Being patient will come in handy in so many ways when your child develops.

  5. Bonding: Sailing is the perfect excuse to spend time outdoors with your family and others. Exploring the peculiarities of this part of the world and how this lifestyle is so different from the one back home, will create interesting conversation, and the building of friendships. For many children, these kinds of bonds do not easily happen in their schools.

What are you waiting for? decide on a family vacation and introduce your kids to a new and valid way of life surrounded by nature and in a completely different context than back home.

Kids under 12 years old enjoy a 50% discount on the daily tariff.

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