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Are There any Luxury Hotels in the San Blas Islands?

Currently there are non and this is for the reason that the islands of the Kuna Yala region can’t be sold to foreign investors. As an alternative to any land based quality resort, you can book an all inclusive catamaran charter.

The region of San Blas is located on the Caribbean side of Panama and for always has been the most isolated part of the country. A sketchy road connects Panama City to a few tiny ports on the coast of the region, these ports are extremely basic and are mostly used by the local Kunas to carry light provisions into the communities. Other means of accessing the Comarca are by private plane that use the runway down at Corazon de Jesus and Nargana, located to the East of this Caribbean archipelago.

Added to the kuna law that prohibits the sale of land to outsiders and therefore the appearance of large hotel chains or any kind of resort, limited infrastructure has also played an important role in delaying any massive development for decades; even now the San Blas islands retain that unique Caribbean flavour that has been long lost by other renowned sailing destinations.

5 reasons for choosing a catamaran charter instead of a luxury hotel in the San Blas islands:

- Different spots to visit. Our catamarans visit at least one set of islands a day.

- Crew of 2 and at times 3 are available and dedicated to you

- Privacy: no shared spaces with other guests since we only provide private catamaran charters

- Amenities and activities all included in the charter price and readily available like kayaks and paddle boards

- Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.

Nothing worst than than feeling of being "stuck" in one place and missing out on all that the San Blas islands have to offer. Try our luxury floating homes and ditch any land based accommodation, you will not be disappointed.

Our largest catamarans are the most stable boats available in the market and if you are concerned about sea sickness, forget that because we will not only be sailing behind the reef and away from any wave, but also our professional crew knows exactly what they are doing

Think about that!

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