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Book Now your Christmas and Thanksgiving Sailing Holidays in the San Blas Islands

Securing availability for important and most requested dates on the best catamarans available in singular destinations is always a good idea.

Let’s admit it, this last two years have been tough, and not only for us but also for any travel agency no matter where in the world. Particularly for us, simply imagine all the tailoring and costs involved in running a business in the most remote and inaccessible place in the Caribbean. Imagine having to pause all operations and at times, due to restrictions, not even being able to even step out of the catamaran, much less have it serviced or being able to sail it somewhere for shelter if needed.

With most Covid related restrictions disappearing and Covid not being an issue anymore, demand peaked just before last Thanksgiving back in 2021, and it did so in an explosive way. Petitions were literally stacked and just in a few days we had to stop taking any more reservations of any kind.

All of our catamarans were left without availability from the end of November 2021 to beginning of May 2022. We consider this season to be the busiest we have ever experienced.

With that in mind, we are confident that planning ahead your 2022-2023 Caribbean vacations definitely has some benefits.

You will be able to choose the catamaran of your choice, and trust us, there are no more than 10 good catamarans in the San Blas Islands. We know well, we have been sailing for more than 15 years and in this part of Panama, we are all a big family, operators and agencies as well as captains and crew.

Booking now and securing your Christmas and or Thanksgiving sailing vacations in Panama are the way to go. Other details such us your flight tickets, hotel accommodations if you want to stay longer in Panama, transfers etc. will fall into place since, unlike San Blas sailing charters, there is a big market for that.


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