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Where is the Best Snorkeling in San Blas?

Instafamous Dog Island along with most of the islands in the Lemon Cays of San Blas are ok to snorkel if you don’t have much time, but in order to experience the absolute best snorkel in San Blas you must venture out to the Dutch and Coco Bandero Cays.

The archipelago of the San Blas islands, also referred to as Guna Yala, and more specifically, the 20 miles that stretch from El porvenir to Corazon de Jesus and constitute the last unspoiled and best Caribbean sailing charter destination is literally dotted with hundreds of islands of coral origin. All of these islands can be reached while on a catamaran charter in the San Blas islands.

Some of the islands closest to land are densely populated by the Guna indigenous, other islands are merely a patch of white sand with a coconut tree or two and with no possibilities for inhabiting them. Islands with higher density are the ones closest to shore mainly because they are the easiest to reach and since pre colonial times have established trade with mainland.

Island densely populated and close to mainland

The Islands out in the Cays of San Blas were for years to out of the way and too wild to even be considered as a place to establish a community.

Small inhabited island out in the Cays of San Blas.

Islands near the shore and the ones with easy reach by road transfers are basically close to the river mouths that carry the sediment which in turn becomes the nutrient for the vibrant sea life all along the archipelago. This same sediment from the rivers and the consequent murky waters can ruin a snorkeling session if not planned correctly, this is why the best snorkeling in San Blas is not close to mainland and communities but out in the Cays where crystal clear turquoise waters are prevalent throughout the whole year including the raining season .

Healthy reefs and a vibrant marine life out in the cays of San Blas

Top snorkeling spots in San Blas

BBQ island in the Dutch Cays

Coco Bandero Cays


Green Island

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