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Shared Sailing Charters and Catamaran Cabin Charter Sailing: Discontinued


Our reasons

We do not take chances.


The issue with San Blas is that it attracts different types of travelers and mixing guests in this part of the world has proven to be very difficult. You may find some guests that travel just to meet the indigenous deep in the San Blas and others do not want to see anybody and simply relax in the outer Cays. Dome honeymooners are also part of our clients. At times we get some party people celebrating something in particular and other times we have a conservative family. Hard to mix.


We only do private charters at this moment because we care about the outcome of the experience. 

You may consider it expensive but the reality is that there are 2 or 3 people at the boat at your disposal, full food and drinks included, catamarans some are way up $1M cost and all taxes and expenses are included, furthermore, you are chartering a boat in the most secluded part of the Caribbean. There are cheaper places elsewhere.

Sorry about that, our guest’s experience and a successful trip from beginning to end is what really matters.

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