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Free Onboard WI-FI: Internet Access While on your San Blas Private Catamaran Sailing Holidays

Catamaran Adventures San Blas is offering complementary internet for sailing charters conducted from May-August. Stay connected with family and friends or run your business from Paradise.

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Embarking on your next sailing vacation in the deep San Blas is the ultimate holiday for you and your family or friends, isolated anchorages with pristine nature and a peaceful ambience where equilibrium reigns is definitely wonderful, but let’s face it, in this modern world we live in, we all need at least a bit of connectivity.

Digital nomads, businessmen or plain vacationers share the need of being connected for different purposes. While business owners require bandwidth capable of running online video conferencing services like zoom and other applications to direct their business, simple vacationers demand connectivity enough to communicate with their loved ones back home, share their stories on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, and at times keep up with world news and latest happenings.

Although Internet connectivity has improved over the last years in the San Blas Islands, there are some areas of the outer cays, such as the Dutch Cays and Coco Bandero Cays where connection is poor or non-existent, so make sure you communicate with the captain your need for connectivity so that the itinerary can be modified accordingly.

Free internet: claim you summer deal for our catamaran sailing charters between May and August and benefit from free internet on board. Cruise San Blas and stay connected.


Having that said: here’s our sincere opinion regarding the use of Internet onboard.

Put your phone away as much as possible and live the immediate experience unraveling in front of you. You’ll have time for being permanently online once back home. Yes it’s ok to share some pictures and to checkin your business or portfolio once in a while, but don’t let that distract you from witnessing the miracle of life.

If you are booking a sailing charter outside of the summer months you have two possibilities for staying connected to the internet in San Blas:

  • Go internet roaming with you own phone

  • Buy a Digicel sim card in any convenient shop in Panama City and top it up with an internet plan. it is very cheap and you will have a full internet for just a few $.

  • Take our offer of full internet onboard for $10/day. Notify us with your reservation Tip: do not buy your sim card at the airport, they inflate the price there. Internet access in Panama is cheap.


Book your summer vacation now and embark on the best Caribbean sailing charter possible. Learn why sailing in the summer months in San Blas is the perfect Caribbean getaway and a vacation of a lifetime.


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