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What Is The Best Honeymoon Vacation Package?

Sailing holidays for couples and Caribbean honeymoon sailing packages are a wonderful travel idea for those newly married and the ultimate all-inclusive Caribbean sailing vacation.

Easy planning: since our sailing vacations are all-inclusive, couples don´t really need to worry about details such as what to bring onboard, itineraries, staff, etc. Once the sailing honeymoon sailing charter is booked and dates are fixed, and that can simply be achieved by paying for the first part of the reservation, the ultimate romantic experience is set and ready to be delivered. Simply notify us where in Panama City do you need to be picked up on embarking date, the rest is all taken care of.

Dedicated service: When booking our private charters you are guaranteed to have a dedicated service and catamaran all for you to enjoy.

Fine food: honeymooners demand wonderful meals. No other place in the Caribbean can provide all these but San Blas. Food is totally fresh and natural, for ever has been the only option available and we cannot conceive it otherwise. Tropical fruits from the lush valleys and the close by jungle are always available for you to feast on. Lobsters and other fresh fish that are brought to us by the local Kuna indigenous are a part of our daily menus. Vegetarian, vegan, keto, kosher and a variety of meals can be accommodated for your convenience. We also provide menus adapted to deal with any food allergies you may have communicated us.

Adventure: what we call adventure in San Blas contrasts with that of the other honeymoon sailing packages such as in Martinique, St. Martin, Grenadines, Bermuda, BVI etc. More than 35o islands to visit and explore, an amazing Kuna Indigenous culture, reefs totally healthy and teaming with life, no constructions or hotels to be seen and a vast tropical jungle to explore if you so desire are some of the distinct characteristics of our paradise in Panama

Luxury: imagine yourself quietly sailing the flat waters of San Blas on a huge catamaran all for yourself and your partner with the most truly idyllic and peaceful Caribbean scenery, cruising in total comfort and enjoying every single moment of our finely orchestrated sailing charters for honeymooners.

Privacy: We value your privacy and will seek all necessary actions to make your trip as private as possible. Captain and cook, their discreetness and first-rate service can only but help you accomplish the realisation of your dream vacation. If weather conditions are favourable and the situation calls for it we may even leave you and your partner alone for a few hours while at anchor and with a complementary bottle of champagne . Ask the captain!

Spending your first dates as newly married in San Blas onboard one of our catamarans is the ultimate Caribbean yacht charter honeymoon experience.

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