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Is there Phone and Internet Service in the San Blas Islands?

Most islands of the San Blas do have Internet. International roaming is available but can be expensive.if your carrier is from the USA.

Instead of using your roaming services that, depending on your local carrier back home, can be expensive, buy yourself a cheap TIgo sim card in any convenient store in Panama city prior to arriving to the catamaran. Top up your new Tigo sim card with credit obtained right there at the store and you are set up.

Some islands and cays do have full internet, others either don’t or have limited access due to poor local antenna reach.

Mighty Cayos Holandeses (Dutch Cays) does not have full internet and phone service due to the distance to land and to the service antenna. BBQ island in Dutch Cays does not have reliable internet at all

If you are a digital nomad, in the financial business or you simply need internet for example to contact your family o for emergencies, please notify us prior to embarking so that we can adapt the itinerary accordingly.

Internet in the San Blas islands at all times is possible if we adapt our services to you.

Book your sailing charter in the San Blas islands now, catamarans (good ones) are extremely scarce.

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