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Long-Term Catamaran Charter In The Caribbean

As the whole world gets immersed in the new pandemic wave and already tight restrictions on movement and other personal limitations become to some point unbearable thus making life difficult to enjoy, the thought of taking a long vacation on a dream isolation location may arise in your mind.

We have the solution for you.

Firstly you must know that contrary to the belief circulating certain uninformed news and information websites that San Blas is closed for tourists, the 350 islands of the Kuna Yala region and its territorial waters which are Panamanian are open for sailboats and have been open since November 2020.

Due to the pandemic and the subsequent restriction on travel and other measures implemented by government and health organisations, travel to San Blas came to an almost halt in 2020. So... do you want to know what really happened in San Blas as a consequence? Like always there are some positive and some negative repercussions:

On one hand and clearly a negative issue has been the impact in the economy of the islands and their people. Once a thriving destination that brought hundreds of thousands of tourists per year has had to shut down almost entirely to comply with imposed restrictions. The very small number, close to an insignificant amount of tourists coming into the region has brought down tourism in the areas to bellow 5%. Typical cabanas, the few small island resorts and other accommodation businesses that were offered to tourists have almost no occupancy rate.

Once packed islands such as Perro Island, Chichime and others are totally empty and will remain so for an unlimited period of time.

The outer cays and group of islands such us Coco Bandero and Dutch Cays with the famous BBQ Island no longer receive tourists

from the few speed boats that used to venture to such isolated locations. Our primary sailing area is now totally deserted and truly isolated.

*one of our isolated spots

Nature is the absolute winner from this ongoing situation. No more tourists coming to the region means no noise, no garbage, no pollution, no fishing and no altering of this unique region in this last and only Caribbean paradise. Dolphins and turtles often visit our catamarans, manta rays and sharks can also be seen in the areas we sail, the reefs are as pristine as ever and lobsters are plenty-full..

So: do you need to get away from where you are and set sail for for a long vacation in paradise while enjoying all the comfort in one of our catamarans? Our offer to you is very simple:

Book a long stay of more than 30 days in any of our catamarans and receive 30% discount.

Just think about it. You will not only be totally isolated from the pandemic repercussions in daily life but also reside in the best place that you could possibly be, sailing on a great catamaran with our crew eager to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, great cuisine made with love, different kinds of water sports available and a whole region to explore.

Internet on board and other necessities are covered in our charters so you can run your business or stay in touch while in Paradise.


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