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10 Benefits of Sailing the San Blas Islands With Kids

Catamaran charters in the San Blas islands are a welcoming scenario for families with kids.

Benefit from sailing the last untouched part of the Caribbean with your loved ones and cruise the islands in total comfort with preset itineraries, perfectly equipped catamarans and with the best San Blas islands sailing company.

Sailing with kids. Catamaran charter in San Blas
Trampolines on catamarans are usually a fun place for kids.

Whether it is spending time onboard, visiting the indigenous children ashore and participating in all the water activities possible, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, we can rotundly say that children will definitely enjoy their cruise in San Blas from beginning to end.

Top 10 benefits of Sailing the San Blas islands with children:

1.Different scenario and not the typical packaged Disneyland vacation with crowded attractions, noise and to some extent stressful situations. Our friendly local crew will propose different activities in the anchorages and islands along the way. Our sailing charters in San Blas, cover a vast 20 mile area with multiple opportunities and activities to engage in.

2.Return to nature and learn the forgotten natural ways to interact with the environment.

Crystal clear water in San Blas.
Swimming in crystal clear waters at the "Pool" in Dutch Cays.

3.Cultural exchange with other Guna indigenous kids will enrich your child’s world. Their simple way and attitude towards life and the environment is worth understanding and can later be applied on a different future context.

Guna indigenous in San Blas islands
Albino Guna indigenous in the San Blas islands: Talk about cultural exchange....

4.Alternative food is also a way to explore. At time your kids will even catch that same food that is now on the BBQ ready to be served. Food for picky eaters onboard can be adapted, simply mention that with your reservation and we will adapt the menus to suit your needs. Your catamaran cruise is adaptable in many ways such us number of guests, interests and, food preferences but also in the itineraries.

Fresh catch in catamaran Salina 48 in San Blas
Fishing in the San Blas islands.

5.Active life by engaging in the different water activities proposed by the captain such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.

Seabobs from Salina 48 catamaran charter San Blas
Look out for the Seabobs included in our Salina 48.
Catamaran stern great for jumping into the crystal clear waters in San Blas.
Some catamaran sterns make great trampolines.

6.Learn to respect the authority of the captain and understand why there needs to be someone responsible in charge of the vessel is always helpful even when back home.

7.Learn how to sail and maybe, who knows? take on the sport later on in life.

8.Screen time off. Some of the anchorages have internet signal available and some don’t. Time to look around and go night fishing, locate shooting stars or simply relax and breathe. Why use you ipad, phone or browse through Instagram when you have those same pictures and videos right in front of your eyes. Loop up, this is it!

9.Return to close healthy family dynamic for a few days is indeed beneficial and something we forget while on land and immersed in our daily routine.

10.Why not...? Think about it.


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