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10% Christmas Discount On Your Sailing Vacations. Christmas Sale Is Here!

Traveling in COVID times? here's what we propose to you:

With the ease of traveling restrictions to Panama, your much-needed vacations in paradise are now possible.

Special cancellation conditions for reservations made in 2020 - 2021 or as long as the global pandemic lasts: free cancellation policy means you will be returned your full deposit if traveling is not possible.

Catamaran charters specially in remote areas such as San Blas are the ultimate isolation vacations.

Come to San Blas now. With a big part of world travelers staying home, this season and specially Christmas will be a true delight. Empty anchorages with totally regenerated nature and kuna indians ready for sharing their paradise more than ever.

There are plenty of ways to limit your exposure during your transfers to San Blas. Onboard we will also be implementing safety procedures to safeguard both crew and guests, This will include a wide range of precautions such as thorough disinfection of the yacht before boarding and ongoing maintenance of the highest hygiene and safety levels during your charter – all with minimal disruption to your days of relaxation and exploration and all following international health guidelines pertaining to COVID infection.

Send us a message with details of your reservation and benefit from the discount proposed.



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