How Do You Book a Flight to the San Blas Islands and What Is the Cost

You need to get to Albrook local terminal within Panama City, from there and only using your passport, you can take a 40 minute private flight to Corazon de Jesus (literally the Heart of San Blas). Cost of private air transfers to the San Blas islands depend on the plane you use.

Albrook airport is conveniently located within Panama City and just a short taxi ride from your hotel or residence in Panama City. Private transfers from your hotel to the local terminal are also available if you so desire, simply let us know.

Flights to San Blas are 40 minutes and you may book any of the airplanes available on the table below. Be sure to meet the weight requirements.

Booking the flight is easy: let us know your intention and we will send you the contact details of the flight agency, you can pay for the flight with your credit card.

When to depart to the San Bla islands? We recommend flying in the morning and arriving at the catamaran not later than 10 or 11 am, but it’s up to you to choose the exact time, we will adapt to your needs. Flying back on disembarking date will be at the same time you previously landed.

Flight prices:

Cherokee - 2 guests with total carrying weight of 400 lb.: $642 /way

C206 - 5 guests with total carrying weight of 900 lb.: $900/way

Saratoga - 5 guests with total carrying weight of 500 lb.: $960/way

Islander - 8 guests with total carrying weight of 1400 lb.: $1500/way

Kodiak - 8 guests with total carrying weight of 1800 lb.: $1950/way

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