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How do you Fly to The San Blas Islands? Flights from Panama City to San Blas

Flying to the San Blas Islands is done through the local terminal at Albrook (PAC Airport) in Panama City. Private flights to San Blas, Panama are done with 2-9 seater planes with 40 minutes flight time.



Flying to San Blas has never been easier. There are no regular flights and Air Panama does not fly to the archipelago but private planes can be easily booked through us.

Hassle free private flight transfers to the heart of San Blas. Corazon de Jesus.

Air transfers to San Blas are mainly indicated for guests reluctant of the typical 4 hour total road and water taxi transfers that depart from your hotel in Panama City and take you to our catamarans in San Blas. Road transfers to San Blas start at around 5:00 AM and location for pickup is the lobby of your hotel or residence.

Road transfers are a popular way to getting to San Blas. The vast majority of travelers to San Blas, Panama choose this transfer method mainly because of the lower cost which for most cases is $75/person/way. Other expenses of road transfers are local Kuna taxes of total $20/person and port fees of $3/person/way.

If you choose to fly in, and unlike the option of road transfers, there is no need for boarding a water taxi since the catamaran will be located and anchored right next to the runway at Corazon de Jesus, the island where the airport is located. After very light customs formalities and a $12/guest tax, you will be taken to the catamaran; that is a 2 minute water transfer. Choosing a road transfer from Panama City requires you boarding a water taxi which will take around 50 minutes, so take that into consideration when deciding.

Flights to San Blas; useful information

(PAC) Panama, PA Panama City / Albrook Int. is the code for Albrook terminal and your starting point if you choose to fly to San Blas.

We can take care of all your transfers also from your location to Albrook terminal. If you would like to be transferred from Tocumen International airport to Albrook, we can also provide the necessary private road transfers. Tocumen International airport to Albrook local airport is around 30 minutes ride. Make sure you detail your needs upon making your reservation.

Alternatively as an option, we can also send our private planes to Tocumen international airport to pick you up and transfer you to San Blas. This option is also available on the way back from San Blas and we can fly our planes directly to Tocumen International so that you can catch your plane back to your country or next destination. Flight time from Corazon de Jesus, San Blas islands is 40 minute, but just to be sure, please book your flights back to your country for 12:00 midday or later so that you have enough time to comfortably catch it.

Flying in and out also gives you the flexibility to choose your own flight departure hours, so you may depart from Panama City to San Blas at the time you are most comfortable with. Check out time of the catamaran will be adapted accordingly and fixed to the same time your landing was.

How much does it cost to fly to San Blas?

Check prices in our dedicated page for Flights to San Blas We can include all private flight costs in our services, this way you will receive from us both the catamaran charter and private flights confirmations along with all the practical info you will need.

Islander plane transfer to San Blas

Price of private air transfers to San Blas depend on the number of guests onboard and type of plane used. Book your flight now along with your reservation.

Make sure you visit for updates and latest news on traveling to San Blas and specially transfers available.

Contact us for any questions related to types of air transfers to San Blas.

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