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How Long does it take to Sail San Blas?

The time you need to sail the San Blas islands depends on the route, itinerary and your interests. Two night sailing charters, although not recommended, are possible; 4-.5 nights and upwards will cover the major anchorages and 7-10 nights will take you deep into San blas.

The more than 365 islands that compose our sailing area, stretch along 20 nautical miles from El Porvenir to Corazon de Jesus where the local airport and our preferable starting point is conveniently located.

Our catamarans in San Blas have very low draft and can take you to the most secluded anchorages

Unlike other sailing charter destinations in the Caribbean such as the BVI, Bahamas, Antigua and Grenada, sailing is done in fairly easy conditions which make a catamaran cruise in the the San Blas islands the perfect vacation for different types of travelers, such as families, small or larger groups with orientations including beach and adventures lovers, nature enthusiasts an anyone looking for an easy and comfortable from beginning to end real off the beaten path experience.

Connect with nature. Coco Bandero is the best island in San BLas

Catamaran sailing charters in the San Blas islands trip lengths:

  • 2 or fewer nights are not advisable but can be booked if you have limited time in Panama and intend a flash visit to the archipelago. Flying in as your preferred transfer method is highly advisable since your transportation to the catamaran will last 40 minutes in comparison to the up to 4 hours if you decide to take the road transfer in.

  • 3-5 nights is when things starts getting interesting. Both Cayo Coco Bandero and Cayos Holandeses can be included in the 5 night sailing trips. BBQ island, Cambombia, Bapurgana are a delight only to be experienced by trips lasting the mentioned amount of nights.

  • 6-10 nights, a deeper catamaran cruise is definitely bound to be a mind changing experience and one that will definitely let you immerse in such a different culture and setting. This is enough time to see not only the major and most isolated anchorages, but also have the time to relax and most importantly let your guard down.

  • Above 10 nights and other long stays have important discounts and health benefits...

Unsure of how many nights you need? Check out our San Blas sailing itineraries for full details

Sailing the San Blas islads: notice the reef behind


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