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Should you Cancel your Caribbean Sailing Charter During the Ukraine-Russia War?

Absolutely not. Panama is not only neutral but also very much distant from Europe and the conflict, in fact, Kuna Yala (San Blas islands) are the safest Caribbean sailing destination for many reasons.

“Just as things were getting back to normal after the relaxation of the COVID rules, the conflict in Ukraine has added a lot of uncertainty,” says Mahmood Khan, a professor in Virginia Tech’s hospitality and tourism management department. “Many travelers have already booked flights and cruises since they were feeling comfortable after a long stay under restrictions.”

We strongly believe that Russia’s military action probably won’t affect American travelers, specially in this part of the world, so do not feel nervous about traveling to other Caribbean countries such as Panama,

We adapted to the new situation in Europe and will adapt again to any other circumstance that may disrupt world travel by including full reimbursement if traveling from your country to San Blas or Panama is not possible

Simple conditions so you feel comfortable with booking.


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