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Cockpits on Catamarans: Why Are They the Most Important Area?

When booking a catamaran charter in the San Blas islands, take a good look at the different options and their distributions of spaces. Cockpits are by far the most important part of catamarans and where you will spend most of your time.

Lagoon 57 cockpit and integrated helm station

With so many catamarans on offer, choosing the right option for your catamaran cruise in Panama can be somewhat of a tricky issue. Size of catamaran, A/C or not, number of cabins, heads or private bathrooms included and many other factors are a few of the characteristics, but don’t leave out the cockpits since this is where you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner, the only shaded space in the catamaran and the place where you will most likely rest at sail or at anchor.

The cockpit of a catamaran is the area on the deck where the skipper (the person in charge of the boat) and the crew/guests typically spend their time, therefore, renting a catamaran in San Blas that has a spacious enough cockpit for your group size is crucial.

Nautitech 48 cockpit

In most catamarans, the cockpit includes the helm, steering wheel, sail controls (such as sheets and halyards), and seating for the guests, all in one space. In modern and bigger catamarans there is what is called a semi-flybridge with steering wheel and sail controls which can be partially or totally segregated from the cockpit.

Lagoon 42 cockpit and raised bridge

A "semi-flybridge" on a catamaran refers to a partially elevated or raised area on the boat that offers a vantage point for navigation and relaxation. It's typically located above the main deck and has seating for up to 3 guests.

Salina 48 cockpit, solarium and semi-flybridge

Salina 48 independent helm station

Renting a catamaran with a semi-flybridge and enough space for all your family and group is worth considering.

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