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We’re Looking for Volunteer Ophthalmologist and Blogger

It is simply not enough contribution to pay taxes, employ Gunas, buy lobsters and traditional molas. We need to do much more so that help can reach the more isolated communities.

As our 12th sailing season unfolds and our ties with the local communities become even stronger, we are once again embarked on a mission to further contribute with or Guna family.

Guna family on wood carved canoe.
Guna family, wood carved canoe.

Our operations are in partnership with the Gunas which directly improve their economy and daily lives, but what other aways can we make the indigenous lives better and what are the key concerns in which we can lend a hand?

Gunas in the Dutch Cays, San Blas
Gunas out in the Dutch Cays.

7 nights

Our team of 6 professionals during a 7 night trip in the deep San Blas: Join us and bring your family along!

Captain:  Filled position

Cook:  Filled position

Deckhand:  Filled position

Ophthalmologist Volunteer: Vacant, Apply here

Photographer  Filled position

Blogger/Journalist Volunteer: Vacant, Apply here


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