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How Long Should We Stay in the San Blas Islands?

Stays of 4 -7 nights are preferable and offer clear benefits to travelers aiming to sail through the legendary Dutch and Coco Bandero Cays.

Due to the strategic location and the strength of both public and private investment in the travel industry, Panama has for long been considered as the “hub of the Americas”.

Not all regions in Panama have the same level of investment to facilitate movement; a rugged geography and the intrinsic peculiarities of an independent region such as Kuna Yala (San Blas Islands) have kept it from mass development and tourism for years.

Most common Panama holiday packages presented by big travel agencies and aimed at international travelers include the typical Canal visit, Casco Antiguo or the Old Town in Panama City, a day of shopping in some of the huge city malls and maybe a day visit to Taboga of the Las Perlas islands in the Pacific. Those packages range from 5 to 7 nights which is the average holiday length for such countries as Panama.

Our recommended modifications for this holiday packages to Panama are quite simple:

  • Skip shopping malls: why would you want to go shopping in the congested Panamanian malls when you can do that any time in your country ?

  • Skip Las Perlas: sea tends to be rough, squalls are almost ever-present, water visibility for snorkeling is poor and development in the Islands of the Pacific is at times suffocating. "Las Perlas would be a great place to visit if San Blas didn’t exist".

  • Why spend a whole day in Casco Antiguo: book a hotel for your first night and go for a walk in the streets around your hotel. Casco Antiguo can be visited in only a few hours. Next morning catch a flight to San Blas.

  • Canal: half a day is plenty, extreme humidity and all the hassle is ok at times but not for more that a few hours. Yes, it’s nice to watch the big container ships pass by, but trust us, seen one seen it all, there is not much more to it.

That leaves you 5 days to visit San Blas on a comfortable all inclusive catamaran cruise to sail through the most authentic Caribbean region of more than 365 islands inhabited by the extraordinary indigenous Kuna people and their unique and rich culture and ways.

Our recommended stay is a minimum of 4-7 nights nights but longer duration holidays are preferable. Our pre-made itineraries featured in our website are of 2,5 and 7 nights, but we always adapt to your preferences and love serving even longer vacations.

Reorient your travel to Panama and include San Blas, you can’t miss.

After all, traveling is about discovering new cultures and experiencing new activities out of your comfort zone; realising how truly diverse our world is and how satisfying it is to learn through experience.

Traveling to the islands of San Blas on a catamaran can provide you with that and much more.

Month long stays are not uncommon since huge discounts apply. Why not move to San Blas for a month and work from there? we will provide you with the best all inclusive platform from which to conduct your business and enjoy your luxurious floating life in the tropics.


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