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Ultimate Guide to Your 10-Night Sailing Itinerary in the San Blas Islands

Longer sailing trip lengths make visiting paradise within paradise and the many Islands in Dutch Cays, Coco Bandero and smaller cays and easier to achieve task.

Recently published is our10 night San Blas Sailing itinerary. This route is aimed at those groups and families that want to charter a boat, totally disconnect from reality and immerse in Paradise and a vacation of a lifetime. Where else in the world do you have more than 365 islands to visit, harmonious natural wonders with abundant and healthy marine life and all an exciting and practically untouched indigenous paradigm?

Perfect day and Itinerary in San Blas

Sailing trips offered in the San Blas Islands can vary in duration and are not constrained to a week long format such as in other world charter destinations. You may choose short stays of 2 and 3 nights to get a glimpse of Paradise or you can book a longer mind-bending catamaran charter to sail into the out of the world context

Why longer +5 nights sailing trips in San Blas are recommended?

Our 12 years of experience in San Blas tells us that you need time to relax, let your guard down and start to fully enjoy. Take it from us: the sooner you trust the captain the better, he/she loves his/her job and life in San Blas and will go to great lengths to provide you with un unforgettable experience.

Best catamarans in San Blas

Life onboard a catamaran in San Blas is absolutely wonderful and you will love it, but you need time to adapt to boat life. Our catamarans are more like floating condos but they are still boats and for example although catamarans have limited movement due to the 2 hulls, there is still a little movement in smaller catamarans of 40-42 feet. Larger catamarans, 45 feet + have bigger widths that limit movement almost cancelling out.

Main attractions and activities such as snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are in place for any trip length. Regardless of the catamaran booked, you will also engage with the Guna indigenous if that is what you desire. Lobster when in season will be served and other fresh sea delicacies are available almost throughout the year.

Snorkel in San Blas

Mangroves around the Pool in San Blas

Chartering longer catamaran trip in San Blas, opens de door to the deeper, even more pristine locations in San Blas that offer an outstanding adventure and experience. BBQ island or the Pool is an amazing place and one of the main spots to visit in the San Blas, but there are many islands a stone throw away with unique local communities that are worth a visit if you have the time. Mangrobes around BBQ islands are a must visit and should not be overlooked. Snorkelling in the reef is excellent but snorkelling in the surrounding mangroves is an often overlooked activity worth considering if, again, you have the time.

Just chill and the magic will unfold :)

Same thing happens with the islands closer to shore. Having the time to visit the labyrinthic local communities will enrich you culturally and provide you with the cultural shock of you life. Be ready!.


Discounts for all inclusive private sailing vacations

10 nights    10%

20 nights    20%

30 nights    30% 


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